Check Out Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel's Adorable Breakfast Nook

The couple designed the space to be part design focal point and part day-to-day workhorse. 

When they began work on their 1938 California home, Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott and actress, musician, and entrepreneur Zooey Deschanel knew this small room would get an outsize amount of attention. The couple use it for daily meals (and their extremely competitive game nights—Code Names, anyone?), but it's also their family's everyday access point to the outside.

The door on one end of the room leads to the parking area; on the other end is a door leading to the solarium. An oval dining table was designed to snuggle up to the curved banquette, providing plenty of seating and allowing traffic to flow through the space. Symmetrical built-ins on both sides of the arched doorway provide a mudroom-type drop zone in this high-traffic area.

jonathan scott and zooey Deschanel at breakfast nook

Earthquake-proof, fireproof, eco-friendly, and as close to the original architecture as possible: Those priorities drove nearly every decision in the couple's renovation. As for the design itself, Jonathan says, "We're not modern, clean-lined people. We love history, and we wanted every space to feel authentic and a little eclectic."

This room strikes a balance between their playful style and the home's architecture with the curved bank of new-to-look-old windows (painted black to reference historical leaded glass) and a bubbly citrus pattern on the Clementine Sprigs wallpaper and chairs.

The green in both the pattern and the bench's Crypton Mambo Mint fabric was chosen to connect to the adjoining kitchen's deep green cabinets, which sport an arched panel to match the gothic doorway. Chevron wood floors flow from one room to the other, further connecting the spaces.

wallpapered breakfast nook

The kitchen cabinets and wallpaper were the two primary drivers for the color palette. Everything else is an accent, including the black chairs that pick up the black details on the windows and table legs. Zooey used the chairs in her dining room in a previous house.

"I always liked them, so I held on to them, and I thought they would work nicely with the relaxed feel of the room," she says.

They reupholstered the seats to match the room's wallpaper. And in a "Stars: They're just like us!" moment, supply chain issues meant the light fixture they originally picked never arrived. Luckily, Zooey had this Venetian glass chandelier in storage. "I've been collecting vintage treasures for a long time," she says, "and this is one of my favorite things, so I loved the idea of putting it in a space where we could admire it every day."

For more inspiration, check out more photos of Jonathan and Zooey's house. You can also pick up the new issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal—available on newsstands, on Amazon, and online now.

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