15 Cool Ways to Customize a Banquette

The genius of a banquette goes far beyond its function. See how to turn your breakfast nook into an accessible and fashion-forward space with these creative concepts.

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    Pile on Pillows

    Create a cozy kitchen retreat with a plush yet posh banquette bench. The more patterns, the better when it comes to the piles of pillows; a mix of vintage fabrics brings a layer of whimsy to the space. 

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    Mix High and Low

    Update your kitchen, even if money is tight, by mixing high-end and low-end accessories into your breakfast area. This bay window bench breathes new life into this kitchen thanks to the clever coupling of a modern tulip table with rustic wooden chairs and inexpensive throw pillows.

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    Center of Attention

    For a custom solution to a tight breakfast area, design a bench into the back of your kitchen's island. The banquette gives a better circulation path and improved flow throughout the cramped quarters.

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    Open and Airy

    A pop of paint on the table base makes this banquette a standout. Keep the seating casual and comfortable with an L-shape bench that remains open on the underside.

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    Build the Ultimate Breakfast Nook

    Your busy life deserves a multiuse area to relax. See our best custom banquette ideas for a functional yet fashionable space.

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    Sleek Retreat

    Bring Eastern exoticism to a French-inspired banquette with a red lacquer table base and Chippendale chairs. The chaiselike breakfast bench is snug yet sophisticated.

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    Breakfast for Two

    Just 6 feet of space is needed to carve out a nook for this built-in, two-bench banquette. The focal point seating is small but ideal for a family of two.

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    Stylish Slipcover

    When your budget doesn't allow for a built-in banquette, look to freestanding benches. The inexpensive furniture can be covered with your choice of fabric and cozied up to a slender table and chairs. 

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    Functional Focal Point

    The tall upholstered back on this breakfast banquette creates a striking focal point to an otherwise beige kitchen. The chairs and cushions are covered in vinyl for easy cleanup.

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    Coordinated Cabinetry

    The custom wood storage space beneath this stylish banquette is painted to match those in the kitchen. The corresponding cabinets streamline the open-concept room plus provide surface area behind the breakfast nook.

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    Round It Out

    Banquettes aren't limited to square spaces. Create an element of surprise in your kitchen with a banquette that hugs the curves of a bay window. Spotlight the area with splashes of bright color.

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    Pretty Panels

    Continue the flow of a transitional-style eat-in kitchen by mimicking the pattern of wall-to-wall wood beaded board in the baseboard of a banquette bench. Save space by tucking a stool under the X-base table.

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    Mellow Yellow

    Yellow is the happiest hue on the color wheel; use it to make your banquette glow. Lemon accents in this breakfast nook infuse crisp whites with cheerful color.

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    Flea Market Fabulous

    Save hundreds compared to custom built-ins when you create this storage-packed bench. Made with stock cabinets and a basic rectangle frame, the DIY seating is kept in place with a clever wall cleat and embellished with plenty of pillows.

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    Retro Revival

    Bring ample seating and eclectic style to your kitchen with a vinyl banquette. Vintage chairs and bright primary colors complete the statement look.

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    Desk in Disguise

    Nestle a comfy upholstered bench between twin desk spaces to create an inviting space to sort mail, do homework, or enjoy a meal. The custom banquette sits atop a row of deep drawers for storage, while the desks can be hidden with the draw of a curtain.

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