Built-In Banquette Ideas

gray painted wooden banquette
Photo: Gerardi Whole House

As the benchmark of kitchen furniture, banquettes are the perfect addition to any dining area. We've gathered a collection of the most popular styles to teach you how a banquette can add extra seating space, storage, and style to your space.

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Cozy Banquette

traditional banquette wth window seat

Banquettes don't have to hug all available walls. A built-in window bench seat boosts seating in this casual eating area without adding clutter to the room flow. Bright blue cushions and patterned throw pillows add a splash of visual interest to the soft dining area and adjoining kitchen.

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Modern Banquette

kitchen with island and banquette attached

Most banquettes look cute and cozy, but this built-in bench is downright chic. The charcoal-gray upholstered banquette makes a statement in this all-white kitchen with black accents. The tufted seat connects to an island, so company is always close to the chef. Additional chairs with gray upholstered seats and a farmhouse-style table complete the casual dining area.

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Colorful Banquette

upholstered pink banquette against kitchen island

Start your morning with a pop of cheery color in the form of a hot pink banquette. The bold decor choice works well in a neutral dining room with small hints of blue and brown. Paired with neutral chairs and a wood table, this pink banquette invites guests to sit and stay awhile. Behind the built-in, a console table offers more space for decor, serving trays, or drinks.

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Space-Saving Banquette

corner banquette with blue and white stripes

A corner built-in banquette is a great way to fit extra seating around a small table. While this small round table might only fit four dining chairs, with a bench, it could comfortably seat five or six guests. To make this dining room even more functional, a fabric skirt along the base of the banquette hides extra storage. This is a great place to stash extra linens or seasonal dishware.

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Neutral Banquette

banquette in kitchen
Michael Garland

Oftentimes, a built-in banquette sits in a breakfast nook with natural light pouring in from windows. If this is the case, don't take away from the gorgeous view by decorating your nook with loud colors or decor. Instead, opt for a neutral color palette, like this soft gray, white, and beige dining room. A gray upholstered banquette and chairs, as well as warm wood accents, ground white and cream accessories. Without distractions, you'll be able to focus on the important things, like food and family.

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Family Banquette

gray painted wooden banquette
Gerardi Whole House

Many banquette seating areas are tucked under windows, but it's not a requirement. This large built-in bench is perfectly positioned in a kitchen corner—sans windows. To keep the walls interesting, the homeowners hung portraits of each family member. White chairs that can be easily wiped down accommodate a growing family.

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Dainty Breakfast Nook

small modern banquette near kitchen

A dining banquette bench doesn't need to be abundant to be useful. This small wraparound bench tucks snugly into an unused corner of this bright cottage kitchen. Soft seat cushions and throw pillows add comfort so the banquette can easily be converted into a cozy corner nook outside of meal times.

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Semicircular Banquette

soothing blue corner banquette area

A quaint breakfast nook lends a casual alternative to formal dining spaces. This small, semicircular built-in is perfect for family meals or for enjoying your morning coffee and paper in comfort and style. The table bears a dainty circular tabletop that tucks perfectly into the bench seating. A dining chair and a garden stool provide extra seating for entertaining without causing the small space to look cramped.

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Space-Savvy Banquette

built-in banquette with wrap-around seating

Banquettes naturally feel cozy, but a narrow space makes it hard for people to get in and out. A circular tabletop promotes easier entry into this sunny dining area, where two large window benches provide plenty of seating for dining, homework, and more. Surrounded by three window walls, the breakfast table set looks light and airy despite a rich wood table and flooring.

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Dining Room Banquette

high-contrast breakfast nook with green accent

Bench seating need not be reserved for breakfast nooks. Banquettes are also a great solution for small dining rooms. Here, a large bank of windows creates the perfect backdrop for a sleek black dining banquette bench paired with a modern white dining table and wooden chairs. In lieu of a high back, large lime green pillows provide back support on the bench as well as a splash of color, while bold black-and-white patterned pillows add character and visual interest.

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Banquette with Open Shelving

white built-in shelves and banquette area

Banquettes make use of often-unused spaces in a kitchen or dining room. This banquette, which occupies a small nook, was designed to incorporate open shelving and display space for collectibles and dishware within easy reach of the table. An eclectic mix of materials, wood finishes, patterns, and accessories creates a casual and inviting look for the breakfast nook.

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Windowed Breakfast Nook

craftsman-style room with banquette

The addition of an overhead window brightens up this cozy breakfast nook. A built-in L-shape kitchen corner bench pairs with a simple kitchen table and wooden dining chairs to take advantage of an awkward bump-out. Although natural light is abundant during the daytime, a low-hanging chandelier ensures family dinners and dinner parties can last well into the evening hours.

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Bay Window Banquette

traditional breakfast nook with bay window

When wall space is at a premium, windows make great backdrops for kitchen booth seating. Here, a banquette tucks snugly into a sunlit bay window to take advantage of often-unused space. The result is a formal dining room feel that uses up only one wall of the kitchen. In addition to abundant seating, the bench features lower drawers that provide storage for table linens and other dining room accessories.

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Bump-Out Banquette

modern wrap-around banquette

A potentially awkward bump-out creates the perfect spot to tuck in a kitchen table with benches. This large U-shape bench creates seating that can accommodate everything from casual family dinners to entertaining to homework time. The freestanding kitchen table was designed to suit the bump-out's proportions and to echo the rustic wooden ceiling beams overhead.

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Formal and Feminine Banquette

romantic white banquette in corner

Banquettes need not be limited to casual dining areas—they can translate just as well into a formal kitchen space. Here, a semicircular bench seat fits cozily beneath a bright window to make use of an empty kitchen corner. Vintage accessories, such as the sparkly chandelier and the ornate mirror frame, create an elegant, feminine quality and help to break up stark white walls, furniture, and fabrics.

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Window Seat Banquette

country-style breakfast nook with window seat

A window seat and a cozy upholstered cushion make this sunny banquette possible. Eye-catching trim and molding draw attention to the breakfast nook to set it off as the room's focal point. A trio of freestanding chairs provides more seating around the dainty wooden dining table.

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Oval Banquette

traditional breakfast nook with window seet

This home's rounded window wall offers the perfect shape for a spacious kitchen booth. The oval table echoes the gentle curve of the bench, which fits snugly between two built-in display units. Additional chairs easily accommodate more guests and can be moved to transform the table into a buffet area while entertaining.

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Banquette as Room Divider

colorful L-shaped banquette seating

Thoughtfully placed kitchen benches can help to define an open floor plan. Here, a built-in banquette creates definition between a large family room and kitchen while providing a space for laid-back family dinners. Coral prints hung on the wall inspired the fabric for the seat cushion, which also extends into the adjoining living room space.

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Versatile Corner Banquette

modern banquette with curved seating

Two window walls create the perfect backdrop for this corner nook. Accented by three bright blue wall panels and outfitted with handy under-seat storage drawers, the banquette is both stylish and functional. An extra chair provides more seating that can be easily moved to accommodate a buffet or drink station while entertaining.

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Breakfast Nook Banquette

large sunny banquette with windows

Banquettes not only contribute seating to a kitchen, but they can also supply extra storage. Here, a storage-clad, L-shape bench wraps around a sunny corner of this family kitchen. The under-seat storage provides the perfect place to stow away table linens, dishware, and more.

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L-Shaped Banquette

modern corner banquette by patio door

When storage isn't needed, a "floating" kitchen corner bench offers an airy look and added opportunity. In this tiny breakfast nook, a boxier banquette would have proved too bulky. Supported by two simple brackets and paired with a sleek modern table, this light bench makes the most of a small space.

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