Beautiful Banquette Designs


From streamlined upholstered benches and cushioned window seats to custom-fitted sofas, banquettes provide chic seats in all styles of kitchens, breakfast areas, and dining rooms.

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Fetching Fabric


Broad awning-striped upholstery fabric and fuchsia accent pillows turn a simply built banquette into a focal point in a mostly white kitchen. The gray fabric takes its cue from shimmering silver accessories, stainless-steel appliances, and chrome cabinet hardware; the pinks reflect the homeowner's love of pumped-up hues.

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Finely Furnished

Comfy Niche Breakfast Nook

No need for a built-in banquette in this breakfast room where cushy freestanding banquette bench promotes lingering. Designed to wrap a corner, an elegantly tufted sofa take a modern turn thanks to clean-lined legs stained to match a progressively profiled table and a rustic woven side chair.

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Defined Dining

traditional breakfast nook with window seet

Columns built of molding support this lovely bench shaped to follow the curve of an expansive bay window. Built-in bookcases, cheery window treatments, an oval table, and a color-coordinated area rug accentuate the dining area's geometry as well as its classic character.

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Ultimate Breakfast Nook

See how this breakfast nook is more than just a pretty face. It's packed with plenty of function beyond just banquette dining.

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Handsome Quarters


An interplay of textiles, furniture styles, and shiny and rough textures rendered in earthy neutrals create an understatedly sophisticated dining area. The sculptural table provides a freewheeling counterpoint to the formally dressed leather banquette and the chairs' casual, contemporary contours.

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Modern Attitude


Sleek silhouettes, chrome legs, and white upholstery combine for bright and breezy banquettes that reflect sunbeams streaming through the windows that wrap around the banquette area. The sofa-like seats reach around a corner, stretching far enough to serve two midcentury-modern tables, which also partner with equally modish S-style chairs.

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Lively and Lovely


A board-and-batten foundation anchors this banquette in beach-house style. The bench's partners--piles of posh pillows, an antique dining table, and a crystal-draped chandelier--give the casual concept an unexpectedly classy twist.

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Location, Location


By backing the banquette up to their kitchen island, these homeowners expanded on an already good thing. The leather-clad banquette houses narrow cabinets and provides conveniently positioned seats for enjoying family meals and entertaining guests.

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Banquette Nook

white kitchen

A shipshape take on an retro diner booth, gray-upholstered seats complete with pullout drawers supply sit-awhile berths for a family of four. A flat screen TV and an up-to-the-minute pendant light update the alcove's traditional architecture.

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Cool Blues


Blue-leather cushions add zing to a traditional banquette. The upholstery ties to the window fabric and exterior paint color seen through the window. Drawers and electrical outlets amplify function in the space.

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Refining Casual Dining

breakfast nook

A partial wall rises to craft an alcove large enough to house a wrap-around banquette that seats many. Durable upholstery fabric, a farmhouse trestle table, and a distressed bench stylishly withstand constant use; drawers beneath the seat store everything from table linens to outdoor gear.

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Color and Pattern


Banquettes offer the opportunity to introduce color and pattern. In this dining room, the same colorful fabric dresses the chairs, cushions, and pillows to fashion a cohesive view; the textiles also visually soften the room's hard edges and straight lines. The blues and greens in the patterns are a cool contrast to the room's warm wood finishes.

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Polished Outlook


Showcased in a hardworking kitchen, this banquette's pearlescent upholstery fabric, stately silhouette, and nail-head patterns offer plenty of pretty. This formal approach works well in kitchens outfitted with classic marble countertops, old world details, and plainly paneled cabinets.

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Lofty Impressions


In a kitchen with high ceilings, a wooden canopy extends outward from a wall to create a banquette and a lower ceiling that cocoons a distinctive dining space. A vertically tufted leather-upholstered wall behind the cushioned bench furthers the two-in-one-unit illusion.

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Going for Gorgeous


A velvet-covered frame, velvet skirting, and gold-lame upholstery fabrics give this banquette a glamorous facelift and elegant appeal. The banquette's fabrics and simple outline complement carved chairs and a detailed table base that boast Far Eastern flair.

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Regional Medley


Desert harmonies sound a convivial note in this kitchen eating area. A built-in plastered banquette provides a good-looking banquette base that supports an earthy mix of cushion and pillow fabrics inspired by the walls and floors. Rough-textured chairs introduce another organic element into the Southwestern-inspired space.

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Custom-crafted to fit a bay of floor-to-ceiling windows, this banquette-inspired sectional makes a statement thanks to its overstuffed contours and its freestanding design. Opting for freestanding over built-in ensures the seat doesn't block light or breezes streaming in through the windows.

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