14 Wood Countertop Ideas for a Naturally Beautiful Kitchen

Kitchen with dark blue cabinets and wooden countertops
Photo: Stacy Goldberg

Wood countertops are a popular choice because of their durability, timeless appeal, and natural warmth. Available in a wide variety of styles and stains, this classic kitchen material offers a furniture-like finish and long-lasting beauty. Use these wood countertop ideas to help you select a surface you'll love for years to come.

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Walnut Wood Countertops

white kitchen wood countertops pendant light
The kitchen after. Laurey Glenn

Walnut countertops add rich color and texture to this white kitchen. With time and use, this type of wood will grow even more dark and lustrous. For a natural patina, avoid cleaning wood countertops with abrasive chemicals. Instead, wash the counter with warm, soapy water only and rub it with mineral oil once a month.

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Butcher-Block Countertops

Kitchen with wood countertop
Edmund Barr

Butcher block is made from strips of wood glued together to create a sturdy work area. This type of wood countertop was historically used in butcher shops as a surface for chopping and slicing, but it's become an increasingly popular choice for homes. Generally less expensive than natural stone or engineered materials like quartz, butcher block offers a budget-friendly option for kitchen countertops.

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Curly Maple Wood Countertops

green painted farmhouse kitchen cabinets copper cookware
Nathan Schroder

Known for its strength and durability, curly maple makes a stylish choice for wood countertops. This variety of wood gets its name from the unique, squiggly grain pattern. To keep the surface in top shape, plan to condition the wood with boiled linseed oil annually.

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Wood Island Countertop

Kitchen with dark blue cabinets and wooden countertops
Stacy Goldberg

Incorporate wood countertops as an accent among other materials for eye-catching contrast. In this kitchen, a mahogany slab treated with a food-safe finish adds warmth and texture to the island. The perimeter cabinets are topped with white quartz for a sleek, durable finish.

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Budget-Friendly Wood Countertops

white kitchen with wood counters and island
Jason Donnelly

Wood countertops are generally a budget-friendly choice, but imported hardwoods or intricate details can quickly drive up the price. Keep in mind that butcher block tends to cost less than solid wood countertops while offering a similar natural look. You can also find wood countertops made from hardwood veneers over a particleboard core for an even more cost-effective option.

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Tips for Butcher-Block Countertops

open shelving kitchen wood counters
Lincoln Barbour

Butcher block is technically the only countertop material you can cut on, as it won't dull your knives like stone does. Keep in mind, however, that using your wood countertops as a cutting board can eventually scratch or otherwise damage the surface. You'll need to sand and refinish your countertops to restore the smooth top.

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DIY Butcherblock Countertops

Butcher Block counter top
Jay Wilde

Install your own DIY butcher-block countertops for a budget-friendly kitchen update. Tracing a template onto cardboard will help you create exact cuts for the edges, sink, and faucet. Cut the butcher block with a jigsaw, then install with corner supports.

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Reclaimed Wood Countertops

exposed wood shelves in navy and white kitchen
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Infuse your kitchen with a sense of history by using reclaimed wood for your countertops. Here, the wood countertop is made from heart pine salvaged from a 19th-century textile mill. The surface is sealed with food-safe tung oil for a durable, water-resistant finish.

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Wood Countertop Finish

kitchen with white cabinets with wood top
Brie Williams

Wood countertops require a protective finish to ward off moisture and stains. Food-safe mineral oil, which is colorless and odorless, can be applied monthly to create a resilient surface you can cut on. Clear-coat finishes, such as urethanes and lacquers, last longer and are generally safe for food prep when fully cured.

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Wood Countertop Combinations

blue kitchen with dog
Erik Johnson

A combination of concrete and butcher-block countertops adds flexibility to this kitchen island. The concrete surface ties in with the space's industrial look, while the wood surface provides a handy prep area. The softer wood surface is quieter and more forgiving with dishware and other fragile items.

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Farmhouse Wood Countertops

Kitchen with white cabinets and wooden counters
Stacy Goldberg

Wood countertops can enhance the rustic look of farmhouse-inspired kitchens. Here, natural material is paired with glass-front cabinet doors and a Shaker-style peg rail. The warm wood finish contrasts beautifully with white-painted cabinetry and paneled walls.

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Wood Countertop Edges

Wood Kitchen Countertops
Helen Norman

Wood can be easily cut and carved into intricate designs. Dress up your wood countertops with a stylish edge profile, such as a bevel, bullnose, or ogee edge. On this wood island, a fanciful edge design emphasizes the kitchen's traditional style.

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Storage-Filled Island

neutral tones kitchen with light wood countertops
King Au

A thick wood slab tops the island in this nature-inspired kitchen. The countertop material unites the island with the perimeter cabinetry and trim throughout. A warm gray paint color and vases filled with flowering branches reinforce the earthy appeal.

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Hardworking Island Top

wooden counter top with peppers
Craig Dugan

Wood block countertops come in a variety of patterns, including edge grain, end grain, and face grain. Here, blocks of end-grain maple are glued together to form a grid pattern. The butcher-block top adjoins the work island's expanse of verde tropical granite, which was quarried in Brazil.

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