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    Bella Capri

    Bella Capri is inspired by the cliffs and mountains on the Isle of Capri. In it you will find a mix of gold and amber, with a contrast of deep brown and black for depth.

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    Canyon Passage

    Canyon Passage is a stone concept in mid clay tones and inspired from canyon walls.

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    Deepstar Bronze

    Deepstar Bronze has the warmth of burnished bronze and gold blended together for sophisticated neutral.

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    Deepstar Flint

    Deepstar Flint is blue transformed into an organic feel with the incorporation of taupes and brown to neutralize it.

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    Desert Passage

    Desert Passage has soft sand tones like sunlight on the desert. It compliments all woods and an array of back splashes.

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    Ebony Eclipse

    Ebony Eclipse is a smokey Charcoal with translucent blue particulates. It is a beautiful compliment to luxurious materials - leather furnishings, elegant wall coverings, silk and metallics.

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    Luna Night

    Luna Night is a deep dimensional black inspired by pewter, aged gold and copper with a mix of gloss and low sheen.

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    Luna Winter

    Luna Winter is a warm white influenced by metallics with a mix of gloss and low sheen.

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    Raven Gemstone

    Raven Gemstone is dark shades of brown, lofted black and midnight blue. It is a myriad of natural color featuring large cut gems.

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    Sedona Bluff

    Sedona Bluff captures the reflection of the sun on the side of the bluff and find the highlights of white mixed in with an assortment of yellow, orange, and brown.

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    Sedona Spa

    Soft colors come together to give a smooth representation of stone. Soft yellows and tans with accents of grey and depth. Perfect for a calming atmosphere.

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