Stone Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Stone countertops are durable and versatile. Browse this collection of our favorite materials -- from high-end granite to vintage-style soapstone -- to find the right one to install in your kitchen.

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    Granite Options

    Granite countertops add a rich, natural look to your kitchen. Granite is popular because it provides a virtually maintenance-free and scratch-, stain-, and heat-resistant option after it’s been sealed. Plus, it comes in a great variety of color and veining options.

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    Stone Shopping Tips

    Stone naturally varies in color and pattern, so make sure you pick one to coordinate with your kitchen. Try taking a large sample back to your house to see how it fits your space, instead of relying on a small piece. Then double-check the exact slab you're buying to guarantee you like the look before you make the purchase.

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    Simple and Subtle Style

    Quartz-surfacing makes an ideal countertop for this modern kitchen. The matte, uniform look is simple yet sophisticated, and it's a low-maintenance alternative to natural stone. The gray-green tint adds subtle color to the room as well.

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    Muted Texture

    This seagrass limestone countertop brings texture and visual interest to the muted color palette of this kitchen. The subtle speckles and veining tie in the light color with the green backsplash.

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    Keep Your Counters Clean

    No matter what kind of countertop you choose, learn how to keep it clean with these tips.

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    Soapstone Sophistication

    This soapstone countertop beautifully contrasts the crisp white cabinetry and marble backsplash. The combination of dark matte countertops with the sleek white color palette gives the kitchen a sophisticated look.

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    Popular Quartz

    Quartz is probably the most common type of engineered-stone countertop. This island is topped with quartz-surfacing, which bridges the gap between the light features of the room and the dark stained wood.

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    Add Color with Stone

    Caramel-color limestone warms up this white kitchen. This colorful addition to the room is both practical and stylish, and it adds a casual look to the traditional limestone countertop.

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    Color-Scheme Countertop

    The color scheme for this kitchen is based off the granite countertops throughout the room. Dusty lavender and organic brown undertones are speckled in the granite, producing a neutral color scheme with timeless style.

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    Customizable Concrete

    Concrete countertops can be customized to the ideal color and thickness for any kitchen. These countertops were slightly tinted to complement the pine-paneled walls and dark maple floors, giving the room a cohesive look.

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    Faux Stone

    Want to get the stone-countertop look but on a tight budget? Solid-surfacing comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and it can give your kitchen the look of more expensive materials like stone for a much lower price.

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    Glossy Finish

    A 3-inch-thick black granite countertop is the perfect stone to contrast the back-painted glass backsplash. The smooth, glossy finish of the granite transitions almost seamlessly to the backsplash, giving the kitchen a sleek and modern look.

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    Dark Marble

    Marble takes on a darker look in this kitchen. An elegant Pietra del Cardosa marble countertop on the island provides a handsome work space, perfect for quick cleanup after meal preparation. The 2-1/2-inch thick marble matches the profile of the stainless-steel countertops around the perimeter of the room.

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    Aged Character

    Flamed-granite countertops have a distinct texture that gives them a timeworn look. This aged character adds to a rugged, country style in the kitchen. The speckles in the stone add texture and variety to a space.

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    Functional Surface

    Black granite countertops provide a simple, solid surface in this kitchen. More colorful, elaborate details are found in the kitchen's slate tile backsplash, so the granite countertops are the perfect subdued countertpoint.

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