Marble Countertop Ideas

A gallery of beautiful marble countertop ideas to suit all kitchen styles.

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    Cohesive Marble Look

    Marble countertops add a crisp, elegant look to this white kitchen. The traditional white marble is also used in the backsplash creating a cohesive look.

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    Contemporary Cut

    Contribute to the contemporary look of your kitchen by customizing the width and cut of your marble countertops. This countertop is made of a 2-inch-thick marble slab and is finished with a square edge for a modern and clean look.

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    Stand-Out Surface

    A marble-topped island stands out against the warm, caramel-toned cabinets underneath and the pale yellow counters around the perimeter. The sleek, white marble matches the white cabinetry and provides a clean work space for meal preparation.

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    Marble Focal Point

    Marble counters and a slab backsplash send this clean-lined kitchen over-the-top. The focal point of the room is a marble tile mosaic over the range -- adding to the room's elegance and high-end look.

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    Work with White

    See how to work with white in your kitchen -- from cabinets to countertops.

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    Added Sophistication

    Alabama white marble with a double-ogee edge contrasts with stained alder cabinetry on the island. The marble brings a sophisticated touch to the cozy, hardworking kitchen.

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    Using All the Marble

    This kitchen features a large island with a honed statuary marble top. Subtle marble accents are used throughout the kitchen, such as the shelves in the cooktop area which were made from leftover pieces of marble.

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    Classic Surface

    A honed marble countertop on the island combines with several other materials to give this kitchen a classic yet clean-lined feel. The dark veining in the marble surface ties together the mix of black and white materials and finishes throughout the room.

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    Contrasting Calacatta

    Smooth Calacatta marble covers the countertops, and marble tile covers the backsplash. The crisp white marble contrasts the dark stained cabinetry. The custom-cut marble for the backsplash creates a dramatic focal point.

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    Matching Veins

    A 2 ½-inch-thick slab of Carrara marble contrasts the dark granite countertops throughout the kitchen. The gray veins in the marble match the soft gray cabinetry and the stainless-steel appliances.

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