How to Make Your Countertop Clutter-Free Once and for All

A little extra effort goes a long way.

Kitchen countertops are a beautiful and functional, yet dangerous, thing. We spend our Sundays tidying their surfaces until everything is squeaky clean and not a spatula is out of place. That is... until the craziness of the week arrives! Mail piles up in the corner, spices are misplaced, and dishrags sit out for days. The kitchen countertop becomes the entire family's drop zone, and we think it's time for that to change. Below is a collection of our favorite kitchen storage tips that will help keep your kitchen clutter-free:

1. Lift Off

By lifting your cooking utensils off the counter, you are artfully creating more storage space. We love using stainless steel rods and hooks to hold our spatulas. Plus, having them right by the stove makes for easier meal prep!

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2. Hidden Charge

If your family is anything like ours, you have dozens of charging cords scattered around your house. They're not exactly visually pleasing either. Keep them in order and out of sight with a charging station located in the kitchen. Your family will thank you!

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3. Doily Drop Zone

Create a designated space for small items like keys and wallets with this adorable DIY doily bowl project. Your countertops will look much better with all your entryway necessities corralled into one organized space.

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4. Visible Ingredients

There are so many advantages to storing your flour, sugar, and other ingredients in clear containers. Aside from ditching unsightly bags and boxes, glass containers make measuring nearly spill-proof! Fewer spills mean a happier, cleaner kitchen for you.

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5. Caffeinated Cupboard

A good cup of coffee often comes at the price of a cluttered countertop. Stow all your coffee necessities French press, mugs, sugar, etc. — behind closed doors. A drop-down cupboard creates the perfect breakfast bar for your busy family while keeping bulky appliances hidden.

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6. Vertical Storage

Think high, not wide, when storing small kitchen necessities. Salt shakers and other trinkets can add up fast and too many often cause major clutter on your countertops. Place those items on a tiered storage unit to free up valuable countertop space.

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7. Kitchen Library

Use awkward nooks and crannies to store slim items such as cookbooks. We love this savvy built-in storage column, but a simple floating shelf near the range will work just as well.

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8. Island Dreams


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