14 Concrete Countertop Ideas for a Stylish Industrial Kitchen

blue kitchen with dog
Photo: Erik Johnson

Concrete countertops have become a popular kitchen feature for their durability and sleek industrial look. Not limited to modern spaces, however, the material works well in kitchens of all styles. Browse this collection of concrete countertop ideas to see how you can incorporate this sturdy material into your kitchen.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Concrete Countertops

kitchen with concrete countertops
Jeff Herr

A variety of materials brings texture and dimension to this modern farmhouse kitchen. Concrete countertops blend with light gray cabinetry and white tiled walls for a clean, neutral look. The apron-front sink and shiplap-clad ceiling underscore the farmhouse aesthetic, while stainless-steel appliances and matte black hardware introduce a contemporary feel.

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Industrial-Style Concrete Countertops

Kitchen with brick corner and island with seating
Edmund Barr

Concrete countertops perfectly suit this kitchen's exposed brick and tall, vaulted ceiling. The concrete slabs pair with simple white cabinetry, delivering another layer of texture to the industrial-style space. Large windows and shelves in place of upper cabinets maintain the open, airy look.

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DIY Concrete Countertops

blue kitchen with dog
Erik Johnson

DIY concrete countertops can be a relatively easy, budget-friendly project as the materials are inexpensive and require few tools. For this kitchen remodel, the homeowners poured their own countertops using concrete mix. The rugged surface suits the farmhouse aesthetic established by weathered wood flooring and an apron-front sink.

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Durable Countertop Material

Faux Concrete Counter
Cathy Kramer

Kitchens take a beating with daily use, so most homeowners consider durability as a major factor when choosing countertops. Concrete is both heat- and scratch-resistant, and its smooth contemporary look is equally appealing. Plus, with industrial style still quite popular, concrete countertop options will look classic for years to come.

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Concrete Countertop Colors

transitional style kitchen with stainless steel appliances
James Carriere

The natural gray color of concrete countertops blends beautifully with stainless-steel appliances. As concrete can be tinted or stained, it's important to take notice of the undertones in your concrete as well. Here, blue paint on the island brings out the cool tones in the concrete and steel finishes.

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Concrete Countertop Finishes

Small Kitchen green cabinetry
Carson Downing

Concrete countertops come in a variety of finishes to suit different styles. Here, a textured countertop surface pairs with green cabinets and sleek floating shelves to form an eclectic mix. Polished concrete countertops, on the other hand, feature a glossy look that complements more contemporary designs.

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Outdoor Concrete Countertops

outdoor stone fireplace and brick patio
Edward Gohlich

Concrete countertops are a natural fit for outdoor kitchens or bars since they blend seamlessly with exterior materials such as stone and stucco. Plus, the material is resilient against weather elements. This outdoor kitchen features concrete countertops and a stone facade, forming a well-equipped spot to gather friends and family.

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Mixing Countertop Materials

DIY butcher block concrete counter
Erik Johnson

Mix and match materials for kitchen countertop ideas that are truly unique. Concrete pairs with a variety of other surfaces, including wood, metal, and natural stone. These homeowners added an inset of butcher block to their island, creating a beautiful juxtaposition and a handy prep surface.

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Combine Concrete Colors

stained concrete countertops lacquered red cabinets
John Granen

This kitchen's darker stained concrete countertops match well with the tiled floor and stainless-steel appliances. Plus, they help ground the bold red, lacquered cabinets. With the ability to mix your own concrete, you can even use two different colors to create juxtaposition and zones within your kitchen.

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Contemporary Concrete Countertop

Concrete kitchen countertop rustic wood cabinetry
Tria Giovan

In this kitchen, concrete countertops combine with rustic wood cabinetry and ceiling beams to evoke a warm, contemporary style. Mixing wood and concrete elements is a great way to tie in several styles into one room. The seamless transition into this living room allows both styles to live together peacefully.

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Industrial Kitchen Countertop

DIY concrete countertops stainless-steel appliances
Tria Giovan

Because these homeowners love to cook, professional-grade appliances were a priority. DIY concrete countertops are a perfect complement to the stainless-steel appliances and industrial hardware on the cabinetry. Plus, with the ability for custom sizing, it's easy to fit concrete countertops around bulky or nontraditional appliances.

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Tinted Concrete Countertop

DIY tinted kitchen concrete countertops
Michael Partenio

Because concrete can be tinted virtually any color, it's a great option for DIY kitchen countertops that make a statement. Infusing color everywhere, including the countertops, can create a bold, unique space. Here, light blue walls help accessories in bright, popping colors stand out. Black chairs and a dark dining table ground the space, along with the dark wood floors.

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Curved Concrete Top

curved concrete top kitchen island
Alice O'brien

This one-piece curved concrete top had to be molded in the adjoining family room and carried into the kitchen. It was a big project to take on, but the customized result was worth it. The curved countertop edge makes a perfect spot for guests to gather as the host prepares snacks in the kitchen.

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Concrete Kitchen Island

Concrete Counter Wheeled Blue Island
Cathy Kramer

Professionally installed concrete countertops can be expensive, so these homeowners limited the material to the kitchen island and installed it themselves. By putting the island on wheels, they can use it inside or bring it to the patio for a summer barbecue. The resilient top will be able to stand up to years of use if handled with proper care.

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