Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen Ideas

Instantly make any kitchen feel bigger and more open with a vaulted ceiling.

Above-Average Cabinets

Vaulted ceilings provide an opportunity to increase your storage by extending your cabinetry -- which is especially helpful in small homes. These homeowners have 12-foot-high cabinets. While the highest units require a ladder to reach, less-used items can still be stored in the kitchen, instead of a garage or basement.

Wide-Open Vaulted Ceiling

The soft tones on the island cabinetry are illuminated by natural light that enters the kitchen from every angle. A large round window adds visual interest to the appliance wall and provides an additional light source. The vaulted ceiling adds to the open feel. Instead of a view-blocking range hood in the middle of the room, the homeowners opted for a downdraft vent.

Range Hood Focal Point

The range hood is a striking focal point in this kitchen. With a mix of wood, stainless steel, and glass, the vent complements the kitchen's overall style. It also separates the kitchen from the dining nook without the use of a wall, giving the small kitchen a large, open feel.

Cohesive Look

White beams, ceiling, and cabinetry create a unified look that is light and bright. The support beams visually lower the ceiling for a cozy feel. They also offer a convenient location for installing pendant lighting over the island.

Vaulted Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is a necessary element in all kitchens but can be difficult to plan in a room with a vaulted ceiling. Here, sunlight helps illuminate the room. A skylight and a large picture window maximize natural light. Pendant lighting hung from a series of wires brings light closer to the work area in a stylish way.

Vaulted Disguise

Without detracting from the open look of the room, the homeowners cleverly included several features along the rafters. Track lighting supplements the task lighting at the island. The professional-style range hood is partially concealed by the rafters. This solution offers a convenient way to vent odors without disrupting the kitchen's open feel.

Wooden Beams

Dark cabinetry and a black range are balanced by abundant natural light and buttery yellow tones on the walls and vaulted ceiling. Stained wooden beams along the ceiling tie the room together.

Vaulted Style

This kitchen offers a new twist on Arts and Crafts style. The simple cabinetry design and exposed beams on a vaulted ceiling are major components of this popular style. Modern elements, such as the lighting system and the light marble tile backsplash, offer a refreshed take on a classic style.

Spacious Kitchen

These homeowners love to cook, so they need plenty of space to fit multiple people in the kitchen. Two islands, generous walkways, a large range, and expansive countertops flanking the range give them the room they need. The vaulted ceiling keeps the room feeling light and open even when several cooks are in the kitchen.

French Country Style

The vaulted ceiling of this country French kitchen allows space to showcase the room's charming accents. An unobtrusive pot rack hangs high above the island. Yellow dishware and colorful tiles become a focal point. The built-in range hood reaches the ceiling and blends with the walls.

Cottage Charm

A ceiling is more than just a roof over your head, as demonstrated by the special treatment on the ceiling in this kitchen. The beaded-board paneling lends a cottage feel. White paint makes the ceiling, cabinetry, and island look cohesive. The stainless-steel and glass pulls add a little sparkle to the room.

Simple Success

In a kitchen with a small footprint, a vaulted ceiling makes the room feel larger. Light colors, island storage, and built-in cabinetry maximize style and function in the small space.

Single-Color Kitchens

In a large monochromatic kitchen, the surface area of the walls and ceiling can be overwhelming. Painting them white keeps the focus on the working area of the room. In this kitchen, stainless-steel appliances and a dark island take center stage. Multiple windows provide generous natural light.

Keep It Light

Part of the appeal of a vaulted ceiling is its airy feel. The best way to reinforce this feel is through a simple kitchen design that is bright and filled with natural light.

Extra Amenities

Much of the wall and ceiling space often goes unused in kitchens with vaulted ceilings. But this kitchen takes advantage of the extra space with specialty wine storage. Built in a loftlike space in the vaulted ceiling, the wine area reflects the island's furniture look.

Slimming Down

A large space with vaulted ceilings can seem overwhelming. This loft kitchen and dining area uses simple design elements to keep the room from appearing too vast. Tall, slender artwork gives the illusion of a shorter distance between the floor and ceiling. Pendant lights also visually lower the ceiling.

Exposed Beams

Although this kitchen has a 17-foot-high ceiling, beams from an old railroad bridge make it feel cozy. The homeowners used wood cabinetry and dark furnishings to complement the rustic beams.

High-Traffic Kitchens

A spacious layout is a must for high-traffic kitchens. Generous walkways and plenty of prep space make an easy place to work, while lots of light and high ceilings keep it from feeling cramped when things get busy. Seating outside the primary work zone lets the cook socialize with guests while preparing a meal.

Decorating Space

The extra space provided by vaulted ceilings is a prime opportunity to display accessories in your kitchen -- from heirloom china to artwork. Antiques and period kitchen pieces are popular accents for open shelves and exposed beams.

Bring It Together

Dark beams stand out against cream-color walls. Detailed cabinetry, crown molding, and decorative corbels complement the ornate look of the wooden support beams. Wrought-iron chandeliers complete the old-world look.

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