Whether it's a cool, stark white or a warm shade of off-white, this neutral color transcends every design style and decade. Using white with the right mix of materials creates a welcoming space that's always stylish and fresh.

kitchen with white cabinets and hardwood floors

The main appeal of white is that it's timeless. Unlike the trendy avocado green of the 1970s or the popular dusty blue of the '90s, the color white is never dated. Layouts, materials, and kitchen must-haves change over time, but white is a palette that never goes out of style.

White's vast attraction comes from being a classic neutral. Almost every element of the kitchen -- from cabinetry to countertops, flooring, and wallcoverings -- is produced in white. And that's just the surfaces! Light fixtures, sinks, and appliances are all available in white as well, so you can create a perfectly cohesive look.

It Fits Every Style


White may be classic, but it's not solely a traditional color choice. In various shades, finishes, and textures, white can be the basis of every design style.

Paired with clean lines, sleek fixtures, and shiny surfaces, brilliant whites have a contemporary edge.

Creamy off-whites lend themselves to Old World and European styles.

Add beaded board and farmhouse accents to a white palette for a fresh cottage look, or pick vintage amenities for a retro style.

Natural rough-hewn woods offset white for a cozy, rustic charm, while mixing concrete blocks and factory-inspired lighting gives white an industrial edge.

Whichever decor you fancy, white lets the style you love take center stage.

Updates Are Easy


You might love sky blue right now, but what if you move on to apple red or daisy yellow in two years? Choosing white for the basis of your kitchen lets you add color safely in ways that are easy to change. With a predominantly white palette, such as white cabinetry, any color is available for accents and details.

The kitchen's backsplash, walls, and ceiling are great places to add color and still allow a fairly simple change when you're ready for something new. Less-permanent elements such as window treatments, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware can be quickly swapped out for a fast refresh.

Spaces Feel Larger and Brighter


On its own, white feels fresh and clean, an important factor in a space that involves cooking and eating. But that's not the only psychological benefit. White surfaces reflect light, which makes a small room feel larger or a large space feel comfortable and homey instead of cavernous and cold. Plus, kitchens that are well lit are safer for everyday tasks such as cutting and chopping, so the reflective properties of white are also physically beneficial.

Find the Right White

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