Update Your Kitchen with Colorful Fabric

Update your kitchen in a flash with fabric. From crafted or purchased curtains and shades to seat covers and more, find attractive and affordable ideas you can use in your kitchen.

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    Pattern Play

    The pair of black-background prints in this tie-bottom balloon shade complements the porcelain tile countertop below.

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    Have a Seat

    Just off the work core, a fabric-topped banquette updates the expected kitchen table and chairs. Formal yet cozy, this is a relaxing spot at any time of day.

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    Say It with Stripes

    A vertically striped skirt on this cute kitchen's sink base hides plumbing pipes and sets the room's accent color scheme. Red also appears on the floor, wall sconces, and various pieces of pottery.

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    Tweaking Tradition

    Classic granite and richly stained wood are easy to update: Just change the fabric that tops your kitchen chairs or barstools. A few yards of fabric makes all the difference.

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    A Summer Place

    Take a break from cooking in this windowseat furnished with cool green floral fabric on shades and seat cushions. Wicker chairs add to the summery décor.

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    Breakfast is Served

    Sunny and welcoming, this alcove feels even more comfortable thanks to a table runner, tie-on chair pads, and supportive pillows. Chandelier shades echo the rosy colorway.

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    Gathering Place

    A flirty skirt suits this vintage apartment's era and charm. Neutral fabric lets items displayed on open shelves stand out.

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    Garden Fresh

    A red tomato and green pepper print pops against this kitchen's practical white color scheme. The large-scale pattern screens pantry shelves and the area under the sink; its companion border appears as a Roman shade.

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    A Little Bit Country

    This one-of-a-kind hutch project combines crown molding, rococo arches, seeded glass, beaded board, and fabric shirred behind chicken wire panels.

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    After-School Hangout

    What was once wasted space between ovens and china display is now a convenient seating and storage unit. Pastel print fabrics keep the mood light.

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    Pretty Patchwork

    Scraps of cotton left over from other sewing projects come together as a tiered curtain ideal for a cottage-style kitchen.

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    Give 'Em the Slip

    All wrapped up and tied with a bow, slipcovers add charm and romance to plain wood barstools. If anything spills on them, the covers are easy to remove for laundering.

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    Dress and Disguise

    Cover open shelves, flush-front appliances, or under-sink mess with pleated curtains. Attach panels with hook-and-loop tape or hang them from wire or tension rods.

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    Privacy, Please

    French doors can be a little too revealing in front of cluttered pantry shelves. Use yard goods or sheets -- one casing already exists -- to screen the scene.

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    Box Seats

    A crisp and structured approach creates these tailored banquette cushions. The same print covers a sleek valance, which completes this snack spot with a view of all the kitchen action.

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    Warming Up White

    Red -- the homeowner's favorite color -- is the perfect hue to add spice to a vanilla kitchen decor. The color enlivens the cabinet interior, dinnerware, a stool, and toile cafe curtains.

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    Table for Three

    Constructed from wall cabinets, this dining nook's built-in banquette provides storage for little-used items and comfortable seating. The boxed cushion and floral pillows are in warm tones of brown and rust.

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    The Same but Different

    The color red unifies two very different fabrics in this dining bay. Stripes on the valances harmonize with paisley on the chairs. Paint on the upper walls ties everything together.

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    Innovative Inserts

    Salvaged cabinets find new purpose as this colorful island. Paint and beaded board hide the wood's imperfections, and crisp fabric replaces missing glass doors.

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    Pretty in Plaid

    Folksy, and a little patriotic, the print on this sink skirt goes well with the kitchen's baskets, stoneware bowls, and farm-style sink.

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