14 of the Best Kitchen Paint Colors to Rev Up Your Walls

green kitchen with colorful modern art features
Photo: David Tsay

Paint is an easy way to revamp your kitchen without a major remodel. Coat walls in one of our favorite hues for a quick kitchen update you'll love. With ideas for both neutrals and brighter shades like blue and green, these picks for the best kitchen paint colors are sure to freshen up your space.

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Cool Gray Kitchen

white and gray kitchen with large blue island
Edmund Barr

Gray walls create a crisp border around white cabinetry in this kitchen. Continuing the cool color scheme, a muted shade of blue appears on the island, while stainless-steel appliances enhance the sleek look. When choosing gray paint colors, pay attention to the undertone to determine whether your shade leans warm or cool.

Suggested paint color: Paparazzi Flash MQ5-18, Behr

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Navy Blue Kitchen Accent

white island and kitchen table with navy walls and brass metal chairs
Kim Cornelison

Add drama to an all-white kitchen with a bold wall color. In this kitchen, navy blue walls make a splash against white cabinetry, countertops, trim, and tile. Dark grout lines add definition to the subway tile backsplash and echo the contrast in the paint color choices.

Suggested paint color: Hale Navy HC-154, Benjamin Moore

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Light Green Kitchen Walls

Green kitchen
Robert Brinson

Set an energizing tone with kitchen paint colors in fresh, springtime hues. In this bright kitchen, celery green walls introduce playful color amid sleek white cabinetry and dark gray countertops. Accessories in sky blue and apple red round out the lively color scheme.

Suggested paint color: Gleeful SW 6709, Sherwin-Williams

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Cream Paint Colors for Kitchens

wood toned kitchen
Jay Wilde

For a color scheme that's not as stark as bright white, look to cream. The muted off-white adds warmth to rustic and modern kitchens alike. Ground the paint color with a darker shade on your island base, or pair with warm wood tones, like this room's natural wood cabinets and open shelves. This favorite kitchen paint color is versatile enough to blend with almost any shade of wood.

Suggested paint color: Mascarpone AF-20, Benjamin Moore

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Monochrome Green Kitchen

green kitchen with colorful modern art features
David Tsay

Usher in a serene atmosphere with an organic shade of green. Here, the rich color coats the walls, cabinetry, and range hood, enveloping the room for a calming effect. Warm-toned accessories and bright white accents help balance the cool green kitchen paint color.

Suggested paint color: Royal Orchard PPU11-1, Behr

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Warm Neutral Kitchen

warm colorful modern kitchen
Justin Coit

A warm shade somewhere between white and tan lends a cozy look to this kitchen. The soft tone provides a neutral foil to the bright yellow range and turquoise-tiled backsplash while echoing the warmth of the hardwood floors and concrete countertops. In an open kitchen layout like this one, using color sparingly makes it easy to carry the palette across rooms.

Suggested paint color: Vanillin SW 6371, Sherwin-Williams

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Mint Green Kitchen Ideas

white and green modern kitchen

Mint green paint colors offer a nod to the past when used in the kitchen. Feature the pastel green hue on walls for full-on color, or use it on cabinetry or an island for a subtle statement. For best results, use mint in a room that gets plenty of daylight, which will help enhance its bright, happy appearance.

Suggested paint color: Minty Green 2042-70, Benjamin Moore

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Buttery Yellow Kitchen

kitchen banquette red chairs yellow walls
Werner Straube

Yellow is one of the best kitchen paint colors for a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Opt for a soft, buttery shade to provide a golden glow all day long. In this breakfast nook, light yellow walls look extra cheery when paired with soft blue and bright orange accents.

Suggested paint color: Honey Moth 350E-2, Behr

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Light Blue Kitchen Paint Color

after kitchen moved sink area under bay window
Anthony Masterson

Create a serene kitchen setting with a soft, wispy hue inspired by the sky. This light blue paint color brightens the look of the deep espresso floors and complements the clean white cabinets, marble countertops, and classic subway tiles. The accent color helps draw attention to the kitchen's unique architectural features.

Suggested paint color: Jetstream SW 6492, Sherwin-Williams

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Neutral Kitchen Colors

beige beach house kitchen with bright blue kitchen island and accents
Jean Allsopp

Take neutral kitchen paint colors to the next level by pairing them with dramatic accents. Taupe-color walls serve as a warm but subtle backdrop for this kitchen's bold blue island and shimmering ocean-inspired backsplash. The sandy paint color, along with clean white trim, helps ease the transition between an open kitchen and the surrounding rooms.

Suggested paint color: Northern Cliffs 1536, Benjamin Moore

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Bright White Kitchen Walls

cottage style farmhouse table white walls pale green cabinets
Robert Brinson

Few kitchen paint colors are as timeless as crisp, clean white. For a warmer look, opt for a shade with a yellow undertone. Use this neutral paint color for kitchen walls, then layer on color through cabinetry, lighting, and decor. In this kitchen, white walls mingle with mint green cabinets and brightly colored accessories for a playful look.

Suggested paint color: White Dove OC-17, Benjamin Moore

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Warm Greige Paint Color

white and gray transitional style kitchen
John Granen

A warm mix of gray and beige, greige is a versatile hue that feels at home in any style of kitchen. The neutral paint color can vary widely depending on the intensity and ratio of gray to brown you choose. In this kitchen, a deep shade of greige is balanced by white beaded-board paneling and a khaki-colored ceiling.

Suggested paint color: Stampede 979, Benjamin Moore

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Cloudy Blue Kitchen

gray and white transitional style kitchen
Stephen Karlisch

For a fresh twist on cottage style, coat your kitchen walls with pale blue paint. The soft, powdery shade showcases rich wood floors and sets off white-painted cabinetry. When it comes time to pick a paint shade, look for inspiration in other accents of your kitchen. This blue-gray shade can be found in the tile backsplash above the countertops, creating a harmonious look.

Suggested paint color: Online SW 7072, Sherwin-Williams

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Deep Charcoal Kitchen

charcoal eat-in kitchen with banquette seating
Gustav Schmiege

Embrace the beauty and elegance of black with a deep shade of charcoal. Dark and moody, this kitchen paint color is always in style. Here, charcoal walls create a sophisticated backdrop for retro relics, including funky pendant lights, a restored wet bar, and colorful banquette seating.

Suggested paint color: Onyx 2133-10, Benjamin Moore

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