17 Blue Kitchens to Show You How to Incorporate the Classic Color

Kitchen with dark blue cabinets and rug
Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography LLC

Versatile and perennially popular, blue is a top choice for kitchen color schemes. On cabinets, walls, kitchen decor, and more, this hue adds laidback style to any cooking space. These gorgeous blue kitchen ideas will inspire you to adopt this classic color in your own home.

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Modern Blue Kitchen

Kitchen with wooden floors and dark blue cabinets
James Nathan Schroder

Go bold with bright blue kitchen cabinets to make a striking impression. This space balances the dark shade with large undressed windows, open shelving, and clear globe pendants to achieve a light, airy look. Metal chairs and island stools with sleek lines give the space a modern feel.

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Blue Kitchen Island

kitchen with orange and blue accents
Lincoln Barbour

Paint your kitchen island blue for a quick dose of color and contrast without redoing the entire room. Nearly all shades of blue pair well with classic kitchen elements like white cabinetry, stainless-steel appliances, and wood floors. In this kitchen, a denim-blue shade on the island is accentuated with splashes of bright orange on the barstools, rug, and other accessories.

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Blue Kitchen Appliances

kitchen with white cabinets and blue stove
Ray Kachatorian

For a more permanent pop of color, look for kitchen appliances in your favorite shade of blue. Here, a glossy, cobalt range injects color between white-painted cabinets, a gray tile backsplash, and gray stone floors. Butcher-block countertops add warmth to the design, while a stainless-steel hood keeps the spotlight on the range.

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Dark Blue Kitchen

Kitchen with dark blue cabinets and rug
Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography LLC

Dark, moody shades of blue put a more contemporary spin on farmhouse-style kitchen designs. Filled with a mix of antique and new elements, this room pairs crisp navy blue kitchen cabinets with traditional marble and butcher-block countertops, vintage-style lighting, and shiny brass hardware. Modern-looking slate tile floors covered with worn patterned rugs and an antique portrait hung on subway tile walls underscore the duality of styles.

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Glossy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

deep blue cabinets in white modern kitchen
Jeff Herr Photography Inc

When used on large elements such as cabinetry or walls, saturated shades of blue might overwhelm a small space. To use dark blue successfully in a small kitchen, limit the color to one element, such as a single bank of cabinets or the kitchen island. You can also lighten up dark blue kitchen cabinetry by using a high-gloss paint sheen that will reflect light and naturally brighten the space.

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Traditional Blue Kitchen Cabinets

blue kitchen with white chairs and table
Michael Partenio

This traditional-style kitchen gets its fresh, clean look from a pastel blue-and-white color scheme. Custom cabinets with full-inset doors and drawers feature powder-blue paint accented with hefty black hardware. The sink wall adds white in the form of an informal beaded-board backsplash and a vintage-look apron-front sink. Patterned cushions on white-painted barstools and dining chairs add fresh pops of contrasting color.

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Primary Color Kitchen Design

kitchen with blue painted island
Werner Straube

Blue, yellow, and red define this formal kitchen's cheery color scheme. Rich, dark blue kitchen cabinets and a yellow marble countertop transform the kitchen island into a dramatic focal point. Rust-red terra-cotta tile flooring grounds the island, and blue diamond-shape accent tiles tie the island to the floor. Adding doses of white, or another neutral, can give a bold color scheme a sophisticated edge. Here, crisp white walls, banks of cabinets, and handsome range hood do just that. The eye-catching mural beneath the range hood ties the colors together beautifully.

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Southwestern-Style Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Kitchen with a Southwestern Kick
Jim Westphalen

Southwestern with a touch of rustic charm, this kitchen boasts turquoise-painted cabinets with twig detailing. A deep red Mexican saltillo tile floor and rough-cut ceiling beams (known as vigas) add warmth underfoot and overhead. Butcher-block countertops, wood paneling, and wood chairs temper the cabinets' vibrant hue with their natural tones.

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Sky-Blue Kitchen

blue white kitchen Casual dining
Tria Giovan

Although a subtle color, the sky blue walls in this kitchen emphasize the staggered heights and exquisite crown molding of the white cabinets. White subway tile backsplashes extend the plane of white, with a tile mural above the range in smoky shades of gray that help ease the stainless-steel accents into the airy mix. Black granite countertops and upholstered stools add a strong punch to balance the ethereal elements in the kitchen.

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Blue-Painted Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen island with blue cabinetry
Michael Partenio

French blue-painted cabinets gain the look of age with a distressed texture and a taupe glaze that clings to their door and drawer fronts, turned legs, and crown molding. Concrete countertops and stainless-steel appliances blend into the soothing blue background. A richly stained hardwood floor adds warmth underfoot.

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Warm Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue and White Mission-Style Kitchen
Michael Partenio

Designed to look like an early-20th-century kitchen, this space features blue lower cabinets with recessed-panel doors and silver-tone hardware. Painting the backs of the white upper cabinets blue carries the lighthearted color upward. A white range hood, tongue-and-groove ceiling, and subway tile backsplash add period details while letting the blue paint pop. Matching quartersawn-oak islands (which resemble vintage library tables) boast white marble countertops for palette continuity. Golden-brown granite countertops, gold-and-white floral wallpaper, and creamy golden pendant lights add warmth to the palette.

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Blue Kitchen Color Scheme

Kitchen cabinetry marble countertops
Erik Johnson

Using multiple shades of the same color can create a tailored look with a color scheme that's easy to pull together. Take your cue from a paint swatch: Use one of the lightest shades on the walls and one of the darker shades on an accent, such as an island or a peninsula, as was done in this kitchen. The pale blue walls support the deeper shade of gray-blue applied to the peninsula's beaded-board paneling. Pale blue and white paint help the antique table-turned-island integrate into cabinetry's style fold. White marble countertops with gray veining tie the various components together.

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Turquoise Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional Kitchen in White and Blue
Paul Dyer

Dark turquoise cabinets almost seem to float within a kitchen sheathed in white. The beamed ceiling, white marble countertops and backsplash, and handsome white island with turned pilasters and molding embellishments congregate around the bank of peacock-blue kitchen cabinets. A vintage Hoosier cabinet and a herringbone-pattern hardwood floor add warm touches of wood to the mix.

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Blue Country Kitchen

Dusty Blue Country Kitchen
Tria Giovan Photography, Inc.

Blue-gray barn-style doors and upper cabinetry with an eye-catching arched shape and muntin windows create a handsome focal point in this spacious country kitchen. A backsplash in similar tones of blue adds a cool band of color between upper and lower perimeter cabinets. White marble adds a glossy presence, while hefty blackstrap hinges and door pulls have decorative power. A beaded light fixture offers an intriguing bit of glam.

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Aqua Blue Kitchen

white and teal kitchen with metal stools
John Bessler Photography

A picture of geometry in action, this precisely designed kitchen accentuates its rectilinear cabinetry with light aqua and white paint. The aqua island features fluted columns atop pilaster blocks at its corners and a dark-stained hardwood countertop. Glass-front cabinet doors repeat geometric shapes with their muntins while offering display space for matching aqua objets d'art. Even the contemporary barstools feature grids of aluminum wire.

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Blue Cottage Kitchen

pastel blue, teal, and white kitchen
Susan Gilmore

Featuring a classic cottage color scheme of pastel blue, green, and white, this kitchen, which opens to the outdoors, offers a place to prepare and enjoy meals in relaxing comfort. White cabinets, countertops, and woodwork set off the pretty pastels with crisp detailing. The subtle tones and organic shapes of the flagstone floor add an earthy influence.

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White and Blue Kitchen

updated blue kitchen white cabinets
Bryan E. McCay

For a sky blue with a little more presence, try a more saturated version of the typically pastel color. Find the hue you like on a paint swatch, but rather than using the lighter shades on top, pick one of the midrange tones on the swatch. Pairing the color with white and medium gray, such as in this kitchen, will temper it, ensuring it doesn't overpower the rest of the kitchen.

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