Top Cabinetry Trends

Many kitchen components are subject to fads and fashion, but a look at popular cabinet choices can help you zero in on the style you'll still love down the road.

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    Light & Simple

    White (or off-white) Shaker-style doors create a light and clean look in a kitchen. Cabinets in shades of white are enduring and versatile, appearing in cottage, traditional, and even modern kitchens. 


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    Top White Paint Colors

    See our picks for no-fail white paint colors for cabinets. 


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    Efficiency Inside

    Twenty years ago, kitchen cabinets were well-equipped if they included a lazy Susan and a built-in spice rack. Now storage options are plentiful, including pullout trays, bread boxes, and narrow spaces that would otherwise have false cabinet fronts utilized as customized spots for pans such as cookie sheets and muffin tins. 

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    One-of-a-Kind Island

    Instead of a standard rectangular island, try a stand-alone table to create a cozy feel. Chairs can be pulled up for a casual meal or pushed to the side for meal prep and serving. 

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    Customized Drawers

    Cabinets and drawers now conceal custom features. Where you'd expect to find swinging doors that open to reveal storage inserts, there are pullout doors attached to shelves for pots and pans, holders for recycling and garbage bins, and racks for canned and dry goods. Drawer inserts can be set up to hold dishes, silverware, or cutlery. Inserts are often customizable and help to maintain a clutter-free kitchen. 


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    Playing Peekaboo

    Glass-front cabinet doors give the eye a break from wall-to-wall cabinetry and create display space for collectibles, pretty dishes, and glassware. Add just a few glass doors to your current kitchen design to create a light and fresh look.

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    Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

    In this kitchen, the wall opposite the cook zone is dedicated to storage with cabinetry to the ceiling. This feature is often seen along with other kitchen trends, such as open cabinetry and oversize windows. When storage is reduced from other areas, a floor-to-ceiling bank of cabinets can house everything from everyday dishes to small appliances to linens.

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    Built-In Appliances

    Appliances might be more intelligent, efficient, and feature-packed than ever, but that doesn't mean they're grabbing the spotlight in today's kitchen. Here, the fridge is hidden behind matching cabinet doors at the end of the island to maintain a cohesive look in this traditional kitchen.

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    Mismatched Cabinets

    A cabinet or island in a color or wood that's different from the rest of the kitchen works much like a patterned scarf with a solid-color shirt. More than a finishing touch, it breaks up the monotony to become a pivotal design piece. This kitchen mixes traditional white cabinetry with a rich black island, bringing warmth and dimension into the space. It’s also an option to treat a hutch or a section of cabinetry in the same manner.

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    Mixing It Up

    Cabinets, drawers, and open shelving meet any and all storage needs when combined in this kitchen. Mixing types of storage in a kitchen keeps the design feeling fresh and avoids a room full of heavy cabinetry. 

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    The Look of Furniture

    Call it the European influence or a return to this country's early-1900s notions: Many of today's kitchens are assigning furniture duties to cabinetry. Some pieces are freestanding, but others simply appear to be, emulating the look of china hutches, turned-leg tables, and buffets.

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    Colorful Accents

    Add a pop of color to glass-front cabinet interiors or open shelving with bright paint or bold wallpaper. Accent with contrasting accessories to complete the room's color scheme. Using bold color in a small area is high-impact -- and an alternative for the color-averse.

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    Gone are the days when cabinets were unadorned boxes. Today's most interesting styles take their finishing touches from furniture and architecture. Add-ons such as undercounter corbels, fancy feet, and arched openings achieve a focal-point status that's more a result of style than location. Carvings, cutouts, and moldings add emphasis to a cabinet's decorative aspects.

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    Open Shelves

    Open shelves are polarizing, but are a frequent feature in remodeled or new kitchens. If you're ready to take the plunge, watch and see how you can easily convert existing cabinets to open shelves.


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