Kitchen Cabinet Colors in Every Hue to Make Your House a Home

cream kitchen cabinets

Distinguish your kitchen with cabinets in your favorite colors. Take a look at the rainbow of possibilities.

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Sunny Days

yellow kitchen

Imbue your kitchen with instant warmth -- especially if it lacks windows or faces north -- by coating your cabinets in buttery yellow. It's a hue that blends effortlessly with stained wood countertops. Touches of white freshen the look.

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Elegant Black

navy kitchen

Black is one color that never goes out of style, and it always lends sophistication to a room. Leaded-glass inserts and sand-color countertops prevent these handsome, almost-black cabinets from overpowering the space. Bronze knobs and pulls enhance the elegant feel.

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Eye-Popping Red


There's no reason to be blue when you dress cabinets in red. These bright beauties make a cheerful statement in this galley kitchen, transforming plain flat-front cabinets into something to talk about. Silvery pulls, stainless-steel appliances, and white countertops provide a place to rest your eyes and some shimmer.

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Good-Natured Green

green kitchen

When you want a kitchen cabinet color that gets along with everything, go for green. This soft shade—reminiscent of Depression glass—is paired with an abundance of warm wood accents. The green cabinets communicate a casual, welcoming feel for the space, while black countertops and other dark accents make it well-dressed and balanced.

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Tranquil Gray

gray kitchen

Color your cares away when you dress cabinets top to bottom in soul-soothing gray. These cabinets create an air of calm in the kitchen while the oval mosaic backsplash provides playful texture. Touches of yellow brighten the serious side of gray, splashing the space with sunshine.

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Relaxing Blue-Green


Inspiration for your kitchen cabinet color could be close at hand. These existing cabinets earned a fresh start with a blue-green finish inspired by veining in the white marble countertops and backsplash. New concealed hinges streamline the look.

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Warmth in Neutral

A Mix of Colors

Deep, rich putty gray cabinets complemented by stainless steel and chrome accents make a visual impact as memorable as any bold hue. The matte tile backsplash inspired this neutral color scheme of warm grays, creams, and browns.

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Island Life Pale Green


Green on the island and backsplashes pairs with white cabinetry to communicate classic appeal in this kitchen. Beaded panels give the island cottage charm, while a glossy finish on the subway tiles updates the look. The island's butcher-block top lends warmth to the abundance of white and provides a practical surface for meal prep.

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Toned-Down Teal

teal kitchen cabinets

If you're hesitant to go extremely bold, get the dose of kitchen cabinet color right for you by picking a muted shade with a hint of gray. These teal cabinets are just the right mix of blue and green, and the vibrant hue is tempered with a touch of gray. The result is a sophisticated yet striking color, contrasting with a bank of white cabinets and classic tile.

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Industrial Stainless Steel

stainless steel kitchen

Stainless-steel cabinets are as contemporary as they are classic, bringing a balance of trendy and tried-and-true into this kitchen. A distinctive assortment of textures -- rough oak countertops and grouted ceramic subway tile -- combines with the sleek stainless steel to add interest to the neutral palette.

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Juicy Fruit Green


If you could pick a color fresh from the fruit stand, it might be this yellow-green that gives the cabinets bold, modern style without feeling cold. Neutral elements, such as white walls and gray stone counters, temper the fashion-forward shade to keep the look clean yet inviting.

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Elegant Wood Tones

Wood Cabinets

Smooth limed quartersawn oak cabinets combined with limestone flooring and elegant Pietra del Cardosa marble countertops give this kitchen modern appeal without feeling cold. While the natural wood color lends warmth, the cabinetry's simple styling suits the adjoining rooms' sophistication.

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Lakeside Green and Blue

Cottage Cabinets

Celadon kitchen cabinet color pairs playfully with an aqua-enameled range to create casual appeal in this kitchen in a lakeside home. Concrete countertops enhance the relaxed nature of the space, while the neutral wall color balances the whimsical hues. Dark wood floors anchor the setting with warm, timeless style.

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Tomato Red and Dark Wood

red island

Consider a bold combo of black and red when you want a showpiece kitchen. In this kitchen, a tomato-red lacquered laminate island pops with personality against dark wenge wood cabinets and 18-inch black granite floor tiles. White marble countertops provide airy visual relief while stainless-steel appliances lend shine.

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Beautiful Blue

cream kitchen cabinets

Blue cabinets are an unusual choice, but the effect is pure charm. Off-white beaded-board walls, hardwood countertops, and vintage-inspired cabinet hardware create a bright, beautiful space that connotes a cottage-style kitchen.

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