Glass-Front Cabinetry

Choose from several options for glass-front cabinets. The glass comes in various levels of obscurity and many different patterns.

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    Fluted- or Reeded-Glass Cabinet Doors

    Fluted- or reeded-glass cabinet inserts create a clean, modern look in the kitchen. These types of glass inserts will slightly obscure cabinet contents but will not mask them entirely. 

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    Frosted-Glass Cabinet Doors

    Matching the diffused light that fills this kitchen, the frosted-glass panels on a row of cabinets offer a blurred glimpse at the dishes inside. Unlike a wall of standard cabinetry, the frosted-glass inserts help the narrow kitchen look more open.

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    Cabinets with a View

    Keep your kitchen from feeling walled off from adjacent spaces by using glass doors on both sides of over-the-bar cabinets. Here, the glassware in the cabinets above the breakfast bar become works of art for both the kitchen and the adjacent living room.

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    Divided-Glass Cabinet Doors

    For a traditional appearance, these cabinet doors look like they're made of individual panes of glass. The glass-front cabinets help the small kitchen feel more open and echo the unique look of the interior window above the sink.

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    A Little Glass

    Using glass fronts on even few cabinets adds texture and visual interest to a kitchen. Here, three textured-glass inserts make a big impact on a wall of solid cabinetry.

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    Glass-Front Corner

    Prevent a corner from feeling boxed in by using glass-front cabinet doors. Here, a narrow corner cabinet features leaded glass and a decorative door design, which help the space feel open while blending with the traditional look of the kitchen.

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    Mellowing Colored Cabinets

    A kitchen filled with brightly colored cabinets can look overwhelming. Make the look less intense by using glass inserts in place of some of the solid wood cabinet doors. Here, one cabinet outfitted with leaded glass takes the edge off of its bold yellow surroundings.

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    Dramatic Door Designs

    Create a formal display for fine dinnerware with a classical design mullion on glass cabinet doors. These glass-front cabinets also help break up the potentially heavy look of the dark wood cabinetry.

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    Open for Business

    Glass-front cabinets mixed with open shelving keep everything you need in plain sight. These fluted-glass inserts help the kitchen look light and airy but also slightly obscure the contents.

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    Full-View Cabinetry

    Use a bank of glass-front cabinetry to create an artful display of dinnerware and collectibles. Simple hardware on these cabinets ensures the pretty dishes take center stage.

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    Built-In Buffet

    A half-wall of frosted-glass-front cabinets creates a beautiful display of chinaware in this kitchen. With plenty of counter space above the cabinets, the area can also function as a breakfast bar.

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    Seeing Clearly

    This small corner cabinet might have looked too heavy if it had been outfitted with solid wood doors. Instead, glass-front doors on both sides elevate the dishware inside to decorative status. Glass shelves within the cabinet look delicate and refined.

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    Leaded-Glass Cabinet Doors

    Traditional leading with textured glass lends an old-world feel to your kitchen. Vintage-look glass door pulls add another layer of sparkle and shine.

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    Formal Statement

    The X motif on this glass-front cabinet is an elegant addition to the traditional kitchen. A display of favorite dishware is now elevated to decorative status.

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    Lighten Up Dark Cabinets

    Dark cabinets can make a room feel smaller. Incorporating glass fronts onto the long, narrow cabinets in this kitchen helps the space feel lighter.

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    Beautiful Reflections

    Clear glass inserts on a row of cabinets helps this narrow food-prep area look more open. The glass cabinet fronts and the mirrored backsplash reflect light streaming in from a skylight above.

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    X Marks the Spot

    The upper cabinets in this kitchen were fitted with clear glass inserts, which break up the look of solid cabinetry. The X motif on the doors gives a nod to traditional, farmhouse styling, which blends well with the exposed hinges on the nearby refrigerator and freezer wall.

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    Pop of Pattern

    Back glass-front cabinets with pretty patterned wallpaper to add oodles of personality in an unexpected place. With so many wallpapers on the market today, it's easy to find a print that will match your favorite style. 

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