Kitchens with Furniture-Style Cabinets

Customize your kitchen cabinets with furniture-style details.

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    Armoire-Style Cupboard

    There's no end to the usefulness of this stand-alone armoire-style cupboard. The multiple drawers could contain table linens, silver, and serving pieces. And the upper level of the cabinet could easily house a large flat-screen TV. Cabinet-style cupboards feel like fine furniture, but offer all the amazing perks of modern cabinetry such as pullout storage and drawer dividers.

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    Surprising Turned-Leg Sink

    Here's a surprising look for a kitchen sink -- intricately turned legs. The ornate legs and white-painted finish create a custom look. The chinoiserie-style fabric creates a skirt to hide undersink storage and tie the room's color palette together.

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    Cabinetry-Clad Refrigerator

    These large doors appear to be cabinetry, but instead hide a pro-style refrigerator and freezer. Built-in overhead cabinets make this refrigerator and side storage ensemble feel like a large piece of fine furniture.

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    Bookshelf + Open Storage

    Oh, what to do with all those cookbooks? This bright bookshelf/storage wall solves that problem with style. Simple cubbies above the books store single bottles of wine, and colorful baking and serving dishes are displayed on the shelves above.

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    Furniture-Style Island

    A decorative painted exterior, ornate inlays, and tapered, carved feet make this stone-topped island look like an antique -- but it's not! This kitchen gets all the style of an antique piece of furniture with the hard-working practicality of an island.

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    Inspired Details

    Glass-front cabinets on the island add a custom look and mimic the look of a curio cabinet

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    Beverage Center

    A series of small apothecary-style drawers and curved detail inset transforms standard cabinetry. Here, the beverage station feels like a stand-alone piece of furniture because of its staggered depths and sweet arched inset. Different heights (or finishes) make permanently installed furniture feel more freestanding -- and more furniturelike.

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    Mantel-Top Range

    A ceiling-hugging range hood (with spectacular crown molding) surrounded by inset cabinets takes center stage. Architectural add-ons, such as the corbel-supported mantel over the range, use furniture elements to make standard cabinetry look like they were custom-made.

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    Dresser-Style Cabinets

    You really can't have enough drawers in a kitchen -- especially in the cooking area. Here, a dresser-style cabinet contains stacks of drawers and serves as a room divider. The arched, floor-level cutout makes the kitchen cabinet feel like it has feet.

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    Furniture Details on Kitchen Cabinets

    Architectural details on standard cabinetry give it a custom look. Here, crown molding and turned feet transform standard cupboards into a decorative asset in the kitchen. Search online for tons of stylish options.

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    Island with Table Legs

    The tapered legs of this island add-on make it appear to be a piece of furniture. The marble top continues from the rest of the work space to create an unbroken look.

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    Built-In Bookcase

    Added to the end of this island is a built-in bookcase. Beautiful trimwork showcases this as a deliberate addition to the kitchen -- for beautiful and smart storage.

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