5 Cabinet Paint Color Ideas to Love Forever

Cabinet paint colors go in and out of style and can date your home. We're here to help you choose colors that will outlast trends.

Teal bathroom cabinets

When it comes to cabinet paint colors, anything goes. We love the latest bold, bright colors, but will we still love them in a year or two? Yes, you can have the best of both worlds—a fashionable color that you'll love for years to come. It just requires a little compromise.

1. Transitional Colors

Blue kitchen cabinets

Transitional colors are another way to compromise when comes to bold cabinet colors. Transitional colors feature a balance of warm and cool undertones, and the balance allows them to pair well with many others. Plus, these classic colors won't go out of style.

For example, instead of choosing a cool blue paint for your cabinets, consider a blue that has both warm and cool undertones like Kentucky Haze by Benjamin Moore used on this butler's pantry from Heather Scott Home & Design.

Image via Heather Scott Home & Design. Photography Nancy Nolan Photography.

Benjamin Moore Moonshine, Sherwin Williams Rainwashed, Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue, and Behr English Channel are other transitional colors excellent for cabinetry.

2. Gray Versus Greige

Gray bathroom cabinets

Gray continues to be one of the most popular cabinet paint colors,, but will it still look stylish in four years? It's impossible to predict how long gray will top the paint charts, so if you like t gray but want to choose a hue with staying power, consider greige (a gray/beige combination). Greige also can be a transitional color that works with a wider range of undertones throughout a space, versus a limiting cool gray.

A beautiful greige color like Pratt and Lambert Ever Classic, used on this bathroom vanity from Erin at Image via Everyday Interior Design is a good compromise and will look stylish today and tomorrow.

Image via Everyday Interior Design Photography by Kelli Kroneberger.

Other versatile greige shades are Sherwin Williams Eider White, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, Sears Dove Gray, and Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal.

3. Classic with a Twist

Navy blue cabinets

Classics like navy, black, and white will always be popular picks for cabinets. To add a twist to a classic, choose a color like a navy with a hint of gray or purple in the undertone. This brings a richness and character to an otherwise traditional color and adds complexity and depth. It's that rich depth that gives a color its staying power.

Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore, used on the above kitchen cabinets, is a great example of classic color with a twist. The rich gray undertone in the deep blue makes this color long-lastingly stylish thanks to the interesting undertone combination.

Image via Studio McGee. Photography via Travis J Photography.

More classic cabinet colors to consider due to their unique undertones are Behr White Mink, Benjamin Moore Stunning, Benjamin Moore Evening Dove, and Benjamin Moore French Beret.

4. Bright White Versus Creamy White

White book shelves

White continues to be a popular color choice for both designers and homeowners. White is a classic and timeless color.

White with a hint of warmth, like Alabaster by Sherwin Williams, when used on the built-in cabinetry above, is a beautiful alternative to bright or cool white.

Image via Heather Scott Home & Design. Photography via Nancy Nolan Photography.

Other popular timeless whites to consider for cabinetry are Benjamin Moore Decorator's White, Benjamin Moore Simply White, and Sears Pure White.

5. Make a Statement

Blue book shelves

Another easy way to make your cabinet color stand out is to choose a contrast to the wall color. The contrasting Kentucky Haze by Benjamin Moore on the cabinets above in this otherwise light space draws your eye and makes a beautiful statement. By keeping the wall color light and choosing a rich cabinet color, the cabinets will become the star of the show.

Image via Heather Scott Home & Design. Photography via Nancy Nolan Photography.

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