Say hello to a striking new kitchen cabinet color: black. Use these tips to learn how to incorporate black finishes into your own cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets are unexpected and create a modern, sophisticated look. The rich black stain on these cabinets emphasizes the clean lines, sleek hardware, and beautiful wood grain. The dark color also adds a hefty dose of contrast to prevent the neutral space from looking plain and washed out.

Kitchen cabinets

Distressed black cabinets add a bit of yesteryear charm in a kitchen that's both thoroughly modern and timeless in style. The faux-aged cabinet surfaces incorporate the trendy look of black cabinets into an antique aesthetic, which plays up rustic wood finishes and old-world details in this kitchen. Vintage-inspired hardware blends with the dark finish and the eclectic feel of the space as a whole.

Kitchen cabinets

Metal countertops pair well with black kitchen cabinets. Depending on the combination of materials and details, the looks can be completely different. Here, black-glazed cabinetry with arched door details pair with copper countertops, a brass bridge-style faucet, and a farmhouse sink to create a sophisticated country aesthetic. On the opposite end of the style spectrum, frameless black cabinets paired with stainless-steel countertops and minimalist hardware and fixtures would establish a decidedly modern look.

Respecting the Past

If you're hesitant to take the plunge into all-black cabinets, start with a dose of black on an island or a select bank of cabinets. Here, an all-white kitchen is anything but ordinary, thanks to a stately black-grounded island. The bold color breaks up the expanse of white walls and cabinetry and creates a focal point for the room. To tie the island to the rest of the space, this kitchen features black hardware and light fixtures, creating harmony between the dark island and the light perimeter cabinets.

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