Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Cabinetry is a prominent feature in any kitchen. It takes up most of the wall space and is essential for kitchen storage. Discover the types of cabinetry available, plus different features and style options available. Read our buying guides to learn about kitchen cabinetry construction and what to look for in quality cabinets.

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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Trends You'll Love

Need help choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet paint color? We've talked to the paint color experts to find out exactly what hues are the most popular for kitchen cabinets this year and what trends will dominate in the future.

Cabinet Paint Color Trends to Try Today and Love Forever

We're loving these popular paint color trends for cabinets and sharing tips for how to choose trendy cabinet colors with timeless staying power.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Use blue kitchen cabinets to give hardworking spaces a distinctive lift.

Rustic Cabinets

Wrap your kitchen in the worn, welcoming beauty of rustic cabinetry. These examples are sure to spark ideas for bringing the look home.

More Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices

Distinguish your kitchen with cabinets in your favorite colors. Take a look at the rainbow of possibilities.

Kitchen Cabinet Details that Wow

Distinctive kitchen cabinet details--from layered finishes and hip hardware to architectural embellishments--stylishly boost interest in traditional, contemporary, vintage, and cottage kitchen designs.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Clean lines, sleek hardware, and clever pops of color make for standout modern kitchen cabinets. Look to these stylish contemporary cabinets made with mixed materials for your kitchen remodel.