Metal Inserts for a Decorative Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Get standout kitchen cabinets with metal inserts crafted from radiator screens.

A black radiator cover used as cupboard door

What You'll Need:

Drill and 1/2-inch bit


White paint


1-inch wood strips

Black paint

Wood glue

metal inserts cabinets

How to Do It:

1. Remove the door panel by drilling a 1/2-inch hole in the center of the panel, inserting a jigsaw, and cutting an X from corner to corner.

2. Paint the cabinet door and let it dry.

3. Glue one-inch-wide wood strips, painted black, on the back of the door frame so 1/2 inch shows from the front.

4. Use tin snips to cut the radiator screen to fit the frame.

5. Bead wood glue onto the black wood strips, then position the screen on top.

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