Open shelving in the kitchen is a growing trend -- here are five reasons why you should embrace it.

August 23, 2016

Need a quick kitchen makeover that won't cost a fortune? Open shelving is cheaper than cupboards, and you don't need to hire a builder to install them. I'm sharing my DIY tutorial on a installing a single open shelf, which makes capturing the look simple. This budget-friendly remodel option is easy enough to do in an afternoon.

2. It Creates a Design Feature

Perfect for wrapping around a single kitchen window, open shelves offer both function and a design feature at the same time. They create a focal point ideal for displaying small and big collections while also creating function in a design-focused space.

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3. You Can Showcase a Color Theme

Looking for a way to extend your color story or add splashes of color to a neutral kitchen? Open shelving allows your color theme to have a big impact in both small and large kitchen spaces. Arranging dishes and collectibles by color offers a layer of design to your kitchen that a pantry or cupboard door closes off.

4. It's Convenient

Having everything you need within arm's reach makes cooking so much easier. Open shelving above the oven allows you to grab your must-have cooking ingredients and tools without having to fiddle with doors while you cook. Even if your kitchen space is better suited to cupboard doors, a small section of open shelving to house your everyday cooking essentials is a great convenience.

5. It's Perfect for Collectors, Vignettes, and Shelfie Lovers

The growing popularity of Shelfies has everyone dreaming up new vignettes and ways to display their much-loved collection of treasures. Open shelving allows you to display favorite vignettes to create the perfect open shelf design worthy of a Shelfie. The beauty of an open shelf is that it can change through the seasons, bringing a much-needed splash of new to your kitchen whenever you need it.


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