These White Backsplash Ideas Will Brighten Up Your Kitchen Design

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A white backsplash can be simple, sophisticated, or standout with your choice of accompanying paint colors, furniture, and accents. See our top ideas for white backsplashes, including suggestions for marble, mosaic, and subway tiles.

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Classic and Clean

white subway tile

Oversize subway tiles installed in a brick pattern with light gray grout add dimension to this streamlined space. The white backsplash complements the kitchen's stylish butcher-block countertop.

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Functional and Fresh

light kitchen

Sleek birch cabinets and a simple white backsplash keep this modern kitchen light and airy. The sleek tiled wall behind the range makes the area feel spacious and clean.

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Sophisticated Shine

white kitchen

White kitchens can be captivating with the help of a few special surprises. Emphasize a dazzling chandelier with shiny subway tiles; the white backsplash makes both the lighting and gray-glazed, hand-brushed white cabinets stand out.

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Marble Makeover

white kitchen

Create a masterpiece with a white marble backsplash. The mosaic tiles match these clean countertops and traditional cabinets plus showcase colorful dishware and kitchen accessories.

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Quick Tips for Tiling a Backsplash

Transform a blank kitchen into an eye-catching focal point. We'll show you how to install a backsplash in the color or pattern of your choice for a room that wows.

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Cut to Impress

white backsplash

Make the most of a compact kitchen by squeezing in style on your backsplash. Moroccan-style white porcelain tiles are an easy way to add eclectic charm to the walls of your kitchen.

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Modern with a Twist

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Stretch your kitchen remodel budget with classic subway tile. The traditional white backsplash can be embellished to fit your style with a tile inset, such as the mother-of-pearl feature above this kitchen's cooktop.

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Wooded Whites


Calacatta marble tiles installed in a herringbone pattern protect the wall behind the stove and attract attention at the counter level in this exquisite kitchen. The time-honored white backsplash guarantees the room will remain stylish for decades to come.

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Timeless Tiles

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Bold red paint serves as a sleek contrast to the white subway tiles that line this cozy twist on the farmhouse look. Extend the white backsplash throughout the kitchen for a seamless look.

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Elegant Mosaic Inset


Showcase a pretty patterned tile mosaic with a sophisticated white marble frame. The fabulous white backsplash delivers laid-back luxury to this peaceful kitchen.

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Geometric Style

Ackley Kitchen

Update simple porcelain subway tile by laying it in a basket-weave pattern. The subtle but timeless finish provides a solid background for open shelving.

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Delicate Diamonds


This bright, cheerful new kitchen blends modern updates with a traditional white backsplash. The Moroccan-style tiles mimic the swirling brown of the room's granite countertops.

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Wall-to-Wall Subway Tiles


For a neutral palette that can be tweaked as your style evolves, install a white subway tile backsplash that extends to all walls. The classic tiles provide a blank canvas for artwork and accessories.

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Boarded Beauty

white and yellow cabinets

Beaded board is a simple solution for protecting your kitchen's high-traffic areas. Place the white panels behind modern yellow cabinets for an inviting blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

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Neutral Nook

teal kitchen cabinets

A Carrara marble backsplash gives eyes a place to rest in a kitchen that bursts with bold color. Mix the shimmering white tiles with beveled subway tiles and larger, ribbed tiles for rustic texture.

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Sleek and Chic

Mahoney Kitchen

Balance the modernity of stainless-steel appliances with a classy white marble backsplash. The long lines and subtle shine create a clean look.

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Herringbone Inset

white kitchen

Create drama behind your kitchen's range with a ceramic-tile inset. The herringbone pattern breaks up the white backsplash and neutral cabinetry.

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Monochrome Magic

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

White subway tile meets black mosaic tile accents in this high-contrast backsplash. Stainless steel appliances add gleam to the monochromatic palette, which is accented with pops of red.

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