Subway Tile Backsplash

teal kitchen

When it comes to a classic backsplash, nothing beats the traditional subway tile. Subway tiles make cleaning up kitchen messes a quick and easy task, plus the variety to choose from seems almost infinite. One thing is for sure, subway tile will never go out of style.

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Cottage Aesthetic


Small subway tile adds to this kitchen's cottage style aesthetic. The greenish gray tiles give just enough contrast to the white cabinetry without being overwhelming.

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Contrasting Couple

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Oversize white subway tile provides contrast to bold, red cabinetry. The combination of colors makes the farmhouse-style kitchen feel fresh and new.

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Classic and Clean

Celebrating the Past

White subway tile in a cottage-style kitchen looks classic and clean. The white cabinets and mint-color beaded board on the walls combine perfectly with the white backsplash.

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Tile Emphasis

Arrange the Range

In this kitchen, oversize subway tile with charcoal gray grout emphasizes staggered installation and gives a greater presence to the tilework. The tiles have a certain vintage feel that is juxtaposed by commercial-grade stainless-steel appliances.

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Herringbone Pattern

subway tile

Gray porcelain subway tiles create drama against pure white cabinetry. Behind the range, a herringbone-pattern inset on the backsplash breaks up the backsplash and adds another focal point to the wall.

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Cool Hues

natural wood kitchen

Cool bluish-gray subway tile matches the window treatments and gives just a slight pop of color to white cabinetry. The cool colors balance out warmer woods on the ceiling and island.

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Seamless Transition

white kitchen

White beveled subway tile blends into the all-white cabinetry and countertops in this kitchen. Backsplash colors can be used to either visually join upper and lower cabinetry together or separate the two.

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Color Cohesion


Large marble subway tile complements the distressed green kitchen island. Matching backsplash colors to other colors in the kitchen ensures cohesion within the space.

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Proper Proportions


Oversize subway tile is installed in a brick pattern above the lower cabinetry. The size of the tile is similar to the size of the bricks used in the kitchen floor. Dark grout between the subway tiles adds dimension and a feeling of age.

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Handcrafted Look

white kitchen

A backsplash made of white subway tile has a slightly crackled, wavy finish for a handcrafted look. The detail of the tiles only comes out with close inspection, which makes the backsplash a quiet backdrop in the kitchen.

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Add Some Grandeur

white and yellow kitchen

Marble subway tile in a classic design adds grandeur to this kitchen. The gray veining in the marble pairs well with the stainless-steel range hood and countertops.

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Tranquil Scene

subway tile

Blue-green glass subway tiles give off a tranquil air in this kitchen. The subtle white grout lines give the tiles additional presence.

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Coordinated Countertops


Barely-there gray subway tiles complement the colors in the granite countertop. The off-white cabinetry leaves the space feeling a little bit warmer compared to a stark, white paint job.

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Break It Up

Contrasting Islands

White subway tile provides a simple contrast to contemporary orange cabinetry and helps to break up the lower and upper cabinets from one another. The clean lines in the tilework mimic the straight lines and edges throughout the rest of the kitchen.

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Tile Styles

teal kitchen

Subway tile paired with glass tile makes this kitchen backsplash stand out. The subtle color shift from white to pale blue adds just the right amount of visual interest.

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Bonus: How to Grout a Backsplash

Once you have the subway tiles up, it's time to grout!

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