Stone Tile Backsplash

To add another layer of interest to a kitchen, try a stone tile backsplash. Go for dark, rich hues, or stick to white or colored marble for a look all your own. Stone tiles can look as natural or refined as desired.

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    Rustic Touch

    A mosaic backsplash made of a combination of marble and limestone keeps with the rustic theme in this kitchen. The semicircle limestone slab behind the range also acts as the room's focal point.

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    Countless Hues

    A slate tile backsplash brings green and brown hues to this kitchen. The colors in the backsplash add depth to the off-white cabinets and create visual interest.

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    Added Shine

    This marble-tiled cooking alcove adds sparkle and shine to an all-white kitchen. Brickwork above the alcove adds further architectural detail to the room.

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    Creative Decision

    Travertine tiles form a more traditional backsplash while a creative medallion behind the range adds an unexpected twist. The colors in the medallion mosaic match those in the travertine tiles, creating a cohesive feel.

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    Clever Connection

    Marble slabs to the right and left of the range are paired with white, glazed porcelain tiles featuring a geometric design behind the range. This combination connects the marble-topped island with the range and continues the room's soft color palette.

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    Balancing Act

    This marble slab backsplash adds a contemporary touch to a farmhouse-style kitchen. The white marble does not draw too much attention away from the simple kitchen which leaves the space feeling balanced.

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    To the Ceiling

    A strip of glossy white tiles run behind the range all the way to the ceiling, drawing your eye up and creating a fun focal point. The gloss of the horizontal tiles is an unexpected counterpoint in the country-style kitchen.

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    Distinct Look

    This marble backsplash stands out with its distinctive veining in aubergine and green. Since the rest of the range is a bright white, the backsplash becomes the main focal point.

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    Patterned Touch

    A rich, Carrara marble backsplash goes from countertop to ceiling in this kitchen. Above the range, a herringbone-pattern mural draws the eye.

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    Chic and Clean

    A chic touch in this traditional kitchen is the white marble backsplash and tiled square behind the range. The white marble along with white cabinetry creates a clean look.

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    Country French Feel

    Off-white limestone tiles match the overall feel of this country French kitchen. The neutral backsplash color perfectly complements the grayish cabinets.

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    Natural Textures

    A slate tile backsplash adds varying colors and textures to an off-white kitchen. The tiles give the kitchen a slightly earthy feel, yet still leave the space feeling contemporary.

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    Modern Neutrals

    Slender and sleek black, white, and gray tiles make up this glass-and-marble backsplash. The sheen of the tiles keeps the backsplash from feeling lackluster while the various colors give it a modern vibe.

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    Earthy Tones

    The earthy tones in the tiled marble backsplash run from countertop to ceiling in this transitional kitchen. The soft tones of the backsplash draw the eye in, but do not take attention away from the rest of the kitchen.

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    Dark Tones

    This rustic backsplash is made of copper slate stone and Olympia marble and runs from countertop to ceiling. The different sheen on certain tiles adds depth to the walls. The rich materials match well with the white marble countertops.

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    Bonus: Keep Grout Looking New

    Discover editor-tested tricks for keeping your backsplash grout fresh and clean.

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