Metal Backsplash

For a more modern twist on the traditional kitchen backsplash, use metal. Metal backsplashes come in various styles, colors, and finishes proving that no two metal backsplashes have to look alike. The ease of cleaning the surface is just another added bonus.

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    Subtle Pattern

    In a transitional-style kitchen, a quilted metal backsplash works to update and modernize the entire space. Subtle pattern is introduced to the whole kitchen via the backsplash.

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    Color Cohesion

    A faux-metal tile backsplash with riveted intersections brings a combination of colors and finishes to the kitchen. The coppery brown colors in the backsplash match flecks found in the granite countertop.

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    Depth Perception

    A modern kitchen utilizes a metallic backsplash that creates depth and dimension using different sheens and surfaces. Rich, taupe cabinets tie in with similar colors in the backsplash.

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    3-D Effect

    A square of metallic tiles create a 3-D effect above the range in this yellow kitchen. The brown metal backsplash picks up on the kitchen's dark hardwood floors as well.

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    Brushed Metal

    This traditional kitchen is updated with a brushed metallic backsplash. Due to its finish, the backsplash has a laid-back feel that correlates well with the rest of the kitchen hardware.

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    Refined Look

    The industrial-inspired quilted metal backsplash in this traditional kitchen looks refined yet modern. With all of the stainless-steel appliances in the room, the metal backsplash fits in perfectly.

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    Bold Backsplash

    This bold backsplash made of textured golden tiles adds a fun, shimmering touch to the kitchen. Since the rest of the room is quite simple, the geometric pattern on the backsplash does not overwhelm the space; it elevates it.

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    Storage Center

    This plain stainless-steel backsplash with a brushed finish matches the rest of this clean-line kitchen. The backsplash works as a convenient place to hang and store cooking utensils, so they are always readily available.

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    Add Texture

    Above the range the backsplash adds texture and visual interest to the kitchen. Onyx mosaic tile under the upper cabinetry also serves as a backsplash and complements the quilted metal.

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    See How Easy it is to Tile a Backsplash!

    Follow along, and get step-by-step instructions for adding your own metal backsplash.

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