Distinctive Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

A slideshow of distinctive kitchen backsplash ideas.

Free-Form Floral Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Mosaic tiles on a backsplash don't have to be aligned in straight rows and columns. This free-form floral version reflects the fun spirit of the young family that uses the kitchen.

Raised-Tile Arch Backsplash

Use depth to bring another dimension to your backsplash. Here, marble molding tiles form a graceful raised arch over the centerpiece design, creating a relief effect that you can see and touch.

Backsplash in Motion

A feeling of movement in a backsplash really energizes a kitchen. A colorful mosaic of shimmery copper-and-glass tile sets this one in motion, following the active tone set by the curved wall.

Retro Tile Backsplash in Red

The color you choose can put a contemporary spin on a classic backsplash pattern. The elliptical design in these tiles was popular in the 1920s (when the home was built), but the homeowners updated the look with a vibrant red that wasn't common back then.

Vertical Tile Backsplash

Most backsplashes have a horizontal orientation, but you can still use it to add vertical tilt. The rectangular putty-tone tiles on this backsplash are set vertically, an upright approach that makes the kitchen seem taller and more spacious.

Salvaged Backsplash

It pays to think outside the tile box when choosing a material. This backsplash looks like a million bucks, but it cost less than $100 -- the homeowners salvaged 18 antique terra-cotta roof tiles from an old library at $5 each.

Subway Tile Backsplash with Mosaic Tile Accent

Can't decide between two backsplash looks you love? Find room for both! This design blends high-gloss, crackle-glaze tiles in a classic subway pattern with an accent strip of tumbled-marble mosaic tiles.

Easy-Care Beaded Board Backsplash

Nothing says cottage style like beaded board, but if your backsplash takes a lot of splashing, you may not want wood covering the entire area. This solution soothes maintenance concerns by extending the granite from the countertops up the wall.

Dramatic Painted Backsplash

Backsplash patterns are often small and subtle, but don't be afraid to use large-scale designs to play up a small space. The three painted flowers on this backsplash are much bigger than life-size, directing attention to a corner-sink area that would otherwise lack a focal point.

Sleek, Seamless Backsplash

Choosing the same material for the countertops and backsplash creates a clean, uniform look that works especially well in contemporary kitchens. In this example, the black granite serves as a stellar backdrop that lets the light cabinetry and stainless-steel elements stand out.

Marble Backsplash

A distinctive backsplash knows no bounds. It can remain a narrow band between countertops and cabinets, or it can swell to fill an entire niche, like the marble frame surrounding this cooktop station.

Picture-Perfect Backsplash

Don't settle for something generic -- make your backsplash personal. The owners of this kitchen made large-scale prints of favorite photos and covered them with sheets of tempered glass. They'll eventually replace the fruit imagery with family pictures.

Backsplash Window

Treat your backsplash more like a window. That's what a couple did to bring more light into their kitchen while obscuring views of a neighboring house. Light-filtering glass blocks form a range-wall backsplash that's durable and easy to clean.

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