Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Tile Backsplash Ideas

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Beautify your kitchen backsplash with one of these stylish tile ideas.

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Small-Scale Pattern


When kitchen cabinetry is relatively simple and unadorned, you can easily opt for more pattern on the backsplash. Here, 1-inch glass mosaic tile creates a dramatic backdrop for the kitchen's white cabinets. The backsplash's neutral hues also blend well with the kitchen's gray countertops and stainless-steel appliances.

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Natural Accents


Subway tile in different shades of green wrap the kitchen, adding earthy tones and a burst of color to the white space. The combination of light and dark shades keeps the kitchen from becoming too heavy or too airy. The green tiles and the warm wood floors give the kitchen a natural, outdoorsy feel.

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History Maker


Use a backsplash to transition a historical home into modern times. This 1930s cottage gains a contemporary edge with sleek, white-oak cabinets boasting full-overlay slab doors. On the backsplash, mini subway tiles put an updated twist on a classic design.

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Worldly Goods

white cabinets

Bring a hint of import style into the kitchen using tile with international influences. These backsplash tiles feature a Moroccan lantern shape with a sleek, unfettered finish that updates the look and keeps it simple. The clean white tiles lend interest to the kitchen without competing with the granite countertops.

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Tile Your Own Backsplash

See how simple it is to tile your own backsplash. Follow these tips for a professional look!

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Riverfront Reflections

Kitchen stove

Let nature inspire your backsplash design. In this kitchen, a riverside setting spurred a placid palette. Blue glass subway tiles saturate the backsplash with color and look reminiscent of water; even offering a sense of depth. The pale hue promotes an air of serenity for the space and softens the look of the hardworking range area, giving it a more casual feel.

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Tall Order


Classic horizontal marble tiles in timeless blues and grays gain a modern look simply by installing them on the backsplash from countertop to ceiling. Flooring, custom-made from reclaimed wood, features light gray to tie in with the backsplash, surrounding blue walls, and honed soapstone countertop. Pieces of an old decorative iron fence were powder coated and attached to the base cabinets as a curvy contrast to the prevailing straight lines.

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Contrasting Colors

white kitchen

Traditional subway tile is given a bold look with contrasting dark grout. The harsh outlines of the tiles give the kitchen a transitional, sleek cool. The white tiles against the dark grout make the tiles stand out and give a slight vintage feel to the room.

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Golden View

white cabinets

Use a pattern within a pattern to set your backsplash apart from the crowd. Backing this range with diminutive subway tiles around a centerpiece basket-weave design created a sunny scene stealer in this kitchen. Dressed in varied tones of butter and golden yellow, the patterns are defined by liner tiles framing horizontal and vertical rectangular tiles, alternating with gray dots to cleverly create the "over and under" effect.

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Rich Contrasts

white kitchen cabinets

Using one simple tile within a two-color palette gives this kitchen stunning crisp contemporary appeal. While white cabinets brighten the space, deep brown subway tiles on the backsplash work with quartz-surfacing countertops and refinished wood floors to instill warmth.

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Shimmering Focal Point

Mosaic, tile

A distinctive tile backsplash can bring a bit of glamour to your kitchen and transform your cooking area into a design showcase. This onyx mosaic tile backsplash adds a luxurious touch to the space, complementing the room's ornate painted cabinetry and custom molding. The stone tile shimmers in the kitchen's natural light but remains neutral enough to blend in with the kitchen's soft colors and natural surfaces.

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Character Quencher

Kitchen backsplash

Textural tiles on a backsplash can communicate a theme. In this kitchen, a rippled surface on watery blue subway-style tiles speak to the lakeside location of the home. The tiles also line a niche above the range, creating a handy perch for cooking oils and utensils.

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Tones and Texture

Upscale accents

This kitchen gets an upscale look by matching tones and textures throughout. The gray-green mosaic marble backsplash is simple and stylish and matches the Crema Marfil marble floor and gray quartz-surfacing countertops. The standard 1x1-inch tiles on the backsplash keep the look uniform, yet the different tones of the tiles add texture and variety.

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Gray Matter


Think beyond rectangular tiles. A backsplash of gray, black, and white oval mosaic tiles launched the design for this kitchen redo. The designer wanted one "wow" feature and opted for this higher end tile to create a focal point. After that, the other design decisions came easily, including warm gray cabinetry, classic marble countertops, and shining stainless-steel and chrome appointments, such as the swivel-spout and instant hot-water faucets. The neutral gray palette looks good with everything, making it easy to change out colorful accents.

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Soft and Soothing

white kitchen with subway tile backsplash

The muted gray subway tiles were inspired by the veining in the marble countertops. Soft gray, bordering on blue, helps create a soothing kitchen. This timeless kitchen gets a dose of energetic color with orange and blue accents.

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Metal Notes

Chic Glamour Backsplash

When brainstorming backsplash ideas, think beyond color. Pillowed bronze accent tiles above this range create a three-dimensional display. The metallic hue lends rustic appeal and complements the warm butter tones of the kitchen as well as the architectural detailing on the cabinetry and moldings.

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Personal Touch

Ceramic tile

A custom backsplash adds personality and character to this kitchen. Designed to mimic the style of an Amish quilt, this backsplash uses handmade ceramic tiles to add a unique pattern and an artlike feature to the room.

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Simple, Homey Details


White square tiles form this backsplash and simple details give it a cottage-style look. The tiles and grout have an aged finish, which gives the kitchen a more lived-in and comfortable feel. The hand-painted details on the tiles further the cottage look.

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Earth, Sky, and Sparkle


The tile backsplash and focal-point tile mural are wow-factors in this nature-inspired kitchen. Limestone and crushed glass tiles in neutral, blue, and green shades resemble the earth and sky and add a bit of sparkle to the backsplash.

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Eye-Catching Inset

white kitchen

This kitchen is simple and symmetric with its neutral color palette and congruent cabinetry. A gray ceramic-tile backsplash matches the room's color scheme and style, but an eye-catching inset above the range instantly adds a visual interest on a long wall. The angled tiles are framed with a slightly arched top, drawing attention to the space while still aligning with the kitchen's style.

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Neutral Drama

Glass backsplash

Paired with frameless cabinetry and streamline cabinet pulls, this glass backsplash looks sophisticated and contemporary. The champagne-color glass tiles, gray-stained alder cabinets, and creamy marble countertops maintain a neutral color palette, but their varied shades ensure the look is anything but boring. The tile's glossy finish mirrors the sheen of stainless-steel appliances and reflects light and views.

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Tile Artwork


Tiny tiles come together to create a gorgeous, nature-inspired backsplash. The range and backsplash are framed by cream-color cabinets, giving the backsplash a framed artworklike look. The image fits in with the simple yet elegant look of the rest of the kitchen.

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A Twist on Tradition


Round penny tiles are often used as flooring, but in this kitchen they are brought up to the backsplash for a fun twist on traditional style. The mosaic tile came in 12x12-inch sheets, which made installation easy. Honey-color grout adds dimension and emphasizes the tile's fun shape.

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Smooth Elegance

dark cabinets

Marble tiles cut in hexagonal and rectangular shapes make up this smooth, elegant backsplash. Dark swirls in the marble match the matte black finish on the range hood and the dark wood finish on the nearby cabinets. Rather than serving as a focal point, this backsplash simply contributes to the sleek, elegant look of the room.

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Realistic Stone Texture

Backsplash, kitchen

Stacked pebble tiles bring a nature-inspired texture to this backsplash area. To emphasize the natural look, the homeowners chose not to grout the tiles. Used in the kitchen's beverage center, the pebbles create a unique focal point for the cooking zone; the rest of the kitchen backsplash features a more traditional choice of white ceramic subway tiles.

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