A backsplash and a kitchen stove should work together as a coherent design piece to create a focal point in your kitchen. Here's helpful information for choosing materials and designs for a kitchen stove backsplash.

By Kelly Roberson

A kitchen stove backsplash serves a twofold purpose: protecting kitchen walls with a splatter-proof surface and making a design statement. When assembled in creative, beautiful ways there are a variety of materials that can do that. Here are seven ideas, as well as inspiration for designs that complement your kitchen.

Kitchen Stove Backsplash Idea #1: Tile

Glazed ceramic tiles are washable and withstand virtually any stains and grease splatters, as well as steam. In addition, they're easy to clean and come in a wide range of colors and patterns, making them an adaptable kitchen stove backsplash material. Try a border of patterned pieces, or a centerpiece mosaic creation.

Kitchen Stove Backsplash Idea #2: Limestone Pavers

Limestone is a lesser-used material for a kitchen stove backsplash, but it is remarkably adept at fitting in with both traditional and contemporary styles. Honed limestone, for example, works well in country-French inspired kitchens. Limestone pavers also can set off a mosaic tile centerpiece. Tip: Apply a low-sheen penetrating sealer to the limestone pavers to protect them and make cleanup easier.

Kitchen Stove Backsplash Idea #3: Granite or Marble

Classic and elegant, granite or marble are also good kitchen stove backsplash options. Marble doesn't resist stains as well as granite, though; stains should be cleaned immediately. In place of a large single piece of marble or granite—set close to minimize grout joints—tiles can also be used as a kitchen stove backsplash.

Kitchen Stove Backsplash Idea #4: Stainless Steel

When your kitchen has stainless-steel appliances, a stainless-steel kitchen stove backsplash is equal parts utilitarian solution and stylish design statement. Stainless steel is also easy to clean up and works well with a variety of decorating themes. To make a stainless steel stove backsplash even more functional, consider adding a shelf for oft-used items or utensils. Another idea: Skip stainless but get the same shiny surface by using salvaged tin ceiling tiles. Seal the joints with clear caulk to keep splatters on the surface of the idea.

Kitchen Stove Backsplash Idea #5: Beaded Board

Beaded board—typically installed vertically with a flat piece of trim around the border—is a natural fit for a cottage-style kitchen. How the beaded board is finished in large part determines how easy it is to care for; durable latex enamel paint is a good choice.

Kitchen Stove Backsplash Idea #6: Soapstone

Rustic and subdued, matte-finish soapstone is also easy to maintain; any nicks and scratches can be sanded out. With a color that recedes, soapstone is a great complement to more ornate tile pieces; use it to border a striking mosaic or as a centerpiece to a patterned surround. Tip: To darken the color from gray-green or blue-green to black, apply a sealer or mineral oil occasionally.

Kitchen Stove Backsplash Idea #7: Plate Glass

Rarely used, plate glass is a distinctive kitchen stove backsplash material. A piece of sized glass is attached to painted drywall for a subtle color and reflective, easy-to-clean surface. Another design idea: Add a border of glass mosaic tiles for a bit of color and pattern.

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