28 Colorful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Glass backsplash

Adding style and drama to your kitchen is easy with a colorful backsplash. Find fresh ways to use favorite colors, such as blue and green, and see how tile patterns and different types of backsplash materials help your backsplash color stand out.

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Optical Illusion

Shimmer and Shine Backsplash

If you have a small kitchen, consider incorporating shimmering tiles to open up the space. Just like a mirror, the brilliant sheen of these blue subway tiles reflects light and makes the space feel more open. Frosted-glass-front upper cabinets also help to keep the space from feeling too confined and provide display space to show off pretty dishware.

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Gentle Backdrop


A light green backsplash adds refreshing color to this neutral kitchen. The classic subway tile shape blends with clean, traditional-style cabinetry, while the subtle hue lends modern flair. Brimming with views of the outdoors, the gentle green tiles also bring a touch of nature into the kitchen workspace.

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All Warmed Up


Although neutrals are decorating staples—and favorites for kitchens—it's important to add interesting elements to prevent neutral motifs from falling flat. Here, a scarlet red backsplash adds a touch of style and plenty of contrast to warm up cool gray walls and cabinetry. A backsplash of mesquite wood tiles not only looks great but also lends unexpected natural texture.

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Do It Yourself!

Add a backsplash to your kitchen in a weekend. Watch and see how it's done.

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Zingy Addition

white and green kitchen

In a white kitchen, a brightly colored backsplash packs a significant punch. Adding other colorful accents helps bold tiles mesh with the kitchen's designs. Here, charming floral shades on the windows do the trick.

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Design Inspiration

Ceramic tile

Sometimes backsplash tiles can provide inspiration for the rest of the cooking space. Playful yellow ceramic tiles featuring yellow diamonds and green swirls inspired this kitchen's bold colors and cheerful aesthetic. To match the tile's yellow hue, the base cabinets were painted mustard yellow. The warm off-white color of the upper cabinetry keeps the bold yellow from overpowering the room.

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Mosaic Magic

Kitchen backsplash

A backsplash set in shimmering mosaic tiles adds a splash of style to this beachy kitchen. The small scale of the tiles adds a subtle texture, while a random pattern of beige, cream, and blue recalls the colors of surf and sand. Bands of narrow light blue tiles separate the backsplash into segments, preventing the tiny tiles from overwhelming the space.

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Graceful Green


In a sea of grays and warm woods, a watery green backsplash creates a colorful focal point in this open kitchen. The glass tiles have a handmade look. Black grout, topped with a lighter grout, creates vintage-style variations between the tiles.

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A Dash of Character

Design Details Backsplash

A touch of contrasting color can go a long way in a neutral kitchen. This behind-the-range backsplash features a diamond pattern of cream and warm blush ceramic tiles surrounded by a bold blue tile frame. The contrasting colors draw attention to the professional-grade range without distracting from the beautiful custom cabinetry and spectacular granite countertops.

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Bright Blue Backsplash

white kitchen

While this backsplash is distinct because of its electric blue hue, its pattern also deserves mention. The tiles are stacked horizontally, rather than in the common offset pattern, which offers a modern twist to a typical backsplash.

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Vintage Beauty

Blue and yellow kitchen sink

A sunny-yellow backsplash pairs perfectly with soft blue cabinetry in this cheery kitchen. Featured on both the countertops and the backsplash, the traditional shape of the subway tiles creates undeniable vintage character. The buttery-yellow hue of the tiles is subtle enough that it doesn't overwhelm the small kitchen space but bright enough that it doesn't fade into the background altogether. Look for opportunities to tie your backsplash to other elements in your kitchen for a unified look. Here, a band of dark brown mosaic tiles set just above the countertops echoes the trim on the surrounding cabinets.

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Textured Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash

Rough tiles give this backsplash textural appeal, while the vibrant blue hue presents a dash of drama to this predominantly white kitchen. When choosing a backsplash material, it's important to consider the rest of the elements and finishes in your kitchen. Here, the bricklike texture of the tiles complements the industrial-inspired range and range hood, while the striking tile color sets the area off as the focal point of the room.

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Subtle Color


If you prefer to take a soft hand with color, look for backsplash tiles that are mostly neutral, but include just a hint of color. Here, creamy beiges comprise most of the tile's coloring, but occasional hints of golden yellow and slate gray give the backsplash dimension.

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Run with It

butchers block

Quintessential cottage blue colors a beaded-board backsplash in this kitchen and keeps up with the charming characteristics of the cottage-style cabinets and warm butcher-block countertops. Installing the beaded board horizontally gives the standard material a fresh twist.

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Scene Stealer

Kitchen backsplash

Ceramic tiles set in a bold red hue create a striking behind-the-range backdrop in this modern kitchen. The thin horizontal tiles add texture to warm up sleek wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and crisp white walls. If you like the look of thin horizontal tiles but want a less modern look, consider using the tiles in a more reserved color, such as white or a soft neutral.

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Pattern Play

herringbone kitchen backsplash, blue-gray, metal, white cabinetry, countertop, cottage, glass mosaic, subway tile, quartz, hood, range, oven, kitchen

Shades of blue, stone gray, and even olive green color a soothing, yet eye-catching backsplash in this kitchen. The tiles are small, which helps the hues meld together like a watercolor painting. A herringbone pattern creates a wavelike rhythm across the backsplash.

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Horizontal Lines

Ceramic tile, open shelving

Ceramic tile in nature-inspired green hues creates a striking backdrop for this kitchen's open shelving. The long, narrow tiles look handmade and mimic the detailed craftsmanship found in the rest of this 1928 Craftsman home. Stretching the tiles all the way up to the ceiling provides seamless style and increases the drama.

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New Twist on a Classic Style


A tile wall brings color and drama to the range area in this kitchen. Since there is no upper cabinetry on the wall, the bright hue tiles take center stage. The tile's bold citron hue introduces modern flair, while the subway tile shape exudes a more classic vibe.

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Beaded-Board Backsplash

Beaded board backsplash

A beaded-board backsplash gives this newly remodeled kitchen a warm cottage feel. Painted in a soothing robin's-egg blue to match the island, the beaded-board panels also add distinctive texture to the oven wall. The soft hue pops against white shelving and cabinetry.

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It's Easy Being Green


This bold behind-the-range backsplash coordinates with the bright green kitchen island and accessories throughout the room. The natural color variations in the tiles blend with the wood finish of the surrounding cabinetry and rustic feel of the nearby island. An entire backsplash of the glazed green tiles might have overwhelmed the space. Using the material only behind the range strikes just the right balance between eye-catching and demure.

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Soothing Mosaic Tiles

Glass backsplash, mosaic

This shimmering backsplash features tiny mosaic tiles that create a simple and contemporary style. The small-scale pattern adds subtle texture that seamlessly blends with other kitchen elements. The soft blue hue of the tiles is reminiscent of a blue sky and offers the ideal complement to glass-front cabinets backed by windows.

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Contemporary Chic

White round pendant globes over island

A colorful kitchen backsplash ensures this contemporary kitchen looks anything but cold. Hundreds of narrow tiles line the wall behind the pro-style range. Recalling the colors of surrounding cabinetry, the tiles are set in a random mosaic of blues and browns. The tiny tiles add a hint of texture when set against smooth cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.

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Seamless Color

Backsplash, kitchen cabinetry

For a sleek and sophisticated look, consider selecting the same material for both the backsplash and the countertops. In this kitchen, red quartz surfacing offers its stylish and durable finish to the walls and counters, creating a seamless swatch of color. The deep red hue provides bold contrast to the pale gray cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

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Purple Pizzazz

Glass backsplash, kitchen cabinetry

Although purple isn't a common choice for kitchens, it certainly works in this cooking zone. Various shades of purple and gray glass mosaic tiles add an eye-catching pop of color amid cherry-stained cabinetry. Adding bold color with wall treatments, backsplashes, and lighting is a smart strategy for changing the look of your room without breaking the bank.

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Playful Pattern

Backsplash, kitchen cabinetry

A colorful backsplash with a diamond motif gives this traditional kitchen a relaxed and cheerful vibe. The strong pattern works well set amid cabinetry with simple lines and details. The tile's green and white hues are repeated in kitchen accessories and trim to give the room a unified look.

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Dramatic Accent Wall


Rich green subway tiles lend visual weight to this kitchen's primary cooking area. The pairing of the tile's traditional style and glossy finish conveys the kitchen's unique blend of old-world comfort and contemporary style. The green tile is confined to just one wall to avoid overpowering the space with the dark hue. A low marble backsplash accents the adjacent sink wall, continuing the veining pattern of the kitchen's marble countertops.

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Backsplash Color Inspiration

Kitchen backsplash

If you have wood cabinets in your kitchen, use their finish or stain as a starting point for choosing a backsplash color. The orange undertones of these high-gloss, modern-style cabinets are drawn out in the orange-base mosaic tiles in the backsplash. Variegated hues and a mix of darker and more saturated orange tiles add just the right amount of contrast. For a thoroughly modern spin, rectangles of silvery-gray tiles punctuate the backsplash.

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Glass Block Backsplash

Glass backsplash

This backsplash is both stylish and eco-friendly. The tiles were created from glass that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. A random arrangement of blue, yellow, and green tiles adds visual energy to the room and provides a dramatic pop of color to the kitchen's predominantly neutral hues. Installed in an area above the range, the tiles create an eye-catching focal point for the cooking area without overpowering the entire room.

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