Blue Backsplash Ideas

Incorporate a pop of color into your kitchen with these creative ideas for blue backsplashes. Whether you prefer a traditional, contemporary, or cottage look, we have a blue backsplash for every style.

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    Bright and Beachy

    Bring the turquoise hues of the ocean into your kitchen with a sea glass backsplash. The bright mini arabesque pattern adds energy to the room while a sandy wall color and white cabinetry help keep the tiles from overwhelming the space.


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    Simple and Sleek

    A single sheet of glass, painted blue on the back, gives this kitchen a clean and contemporary look. The blue backspash complements the room's black and steel accents plus provides easy-to-clean protection behind the stove and sink.

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    Horizontal Mixed Blues

    Add subtle color to a small kitchen with staggered blue, green, and beige glass subway tiles. The horizontal backsplash extends from the countertop to the ceiling to make the space seem more expansive.

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    Splashy Mosaic Tiles

    Add drama to an otherwise white kitchen with a bright wall of aqua-color glass mosaic tiles. Extend the bold blue backsplash to the ceiling for a feature focal point or keep it contained to just above the sink for a functional and frugal way to update your home.

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    Nontraditional Arrangement

    Backsplashes aren't limited to horizontal designs. Contrast classic white subway tiles with vertical blue tiles of the same style to make your kitchen seem taller and more spacious.

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    Tips for a DIY Tiled Backsplash

    In just one weekend, you can transform your kitchen with a beautiful blue backsplash. Watch as we show you simple ways to cut, position, and apply tiles to a backsplash.

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    Subtle Shimmer

    Open up a cramped kitchen with small horizontal glass tiles and neutral cabinetry. The sparkling blue backsplash reflects light and stretches lengthwise to keep the room from feeling confined.

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    Fun Focal Point

    Make a statement in blue with a playful patterned backsplash. The colorful tiles, cut in an arabesque shape, provide a focus for the room for little money.

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    Country Chic

    A handful of hand-painted tiles arranged in an irregular pattern add farmhouse detail to this country kitchen. The blue backsplash detail brings out the deep stain of the cabinets.

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    Color Block Backsplash

    Continue the color scheme of a blue backsplash throughout your room with accessories in the same shade. The white mosaic tiles echo this kitchen's cabinetry while the light blue hues pick up the wall color.

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    Pretty Pattern

    Old meets new in this kitchen that features a pretty mix of soft blue and gray glass tiles in its patterned backsplash. A few rows of subway tiles help to transition the herringbone design into the marble countertops.

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    Contemporary Clean

    The thinness of these horizontal glass tiles mimics the wood grain of this contemporary kitchen's cabinets. Choose a light blue for the backsplash to keep the room light and fresh. 

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    Rustic Centerpiece

    To make your blue backsplash pop, offset the tiles with a contrasting grout color. The beige on these tiles matches the beautiful handmade tile inset above the range, which adds vintage flair to the otherwise modern kitchen.

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    Coastal Charm

    Two narrow blue bands keep the shimmering blue and beige mosaic tiles from overwhelming this beachy kitchen. Arrange the small-scale glass tiles in a random pattern for visual interest.

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    Contrasting Accent Wall

    Create a stylish statement above your range by using blue tiles to contrast a white backsplash. The eye-catching herringbone tile inset stands out from surrounding cabinetry.

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    Cool Contrast

    A shimmery blue mosaic backsplash blends harmoniously with the deep mahogany tones of this contemporary kitchen. The tiles continue behind open shelving, which holds dishware of the same color palette.

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    Charming Details

    Express your personality and add a distinctive look to your kitchen with mural tiles. A band of white and blue hand-cut tiles arranged in a floral pattern divides this simple blue backsplash.

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    Reflective Color

    A rainbow of recycled glass tiles bring warmth to this contemporary kitchen. The reflective backsplash adds depth and dimension to the room and picks up various blue, brown, and bronze tones.

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    Colored Subway Tiles

    This light blue backsplash brings a subtle burst of color to a neutral kitchen. The classic subway tiles blend seamlessly with the paneled look of the traditional cabinetry.

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    Mix-and-Match Tile Sizes

    Break up an oversize blue backsplash by pairing a panel of large glass mosaic tiles in navy hues with smaller tiles that incorporate white. The medley of colors keeps the kitchen comfortable yet cohesive.

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    Boldly Blue

    Don't be afraid of dark colors when it comes to your kitchen's backsplash. These deep navy glass tiles balance the room's glass-paneled white cabinetry.

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    Cheap and Chic

    Extend a glass tile backsplash to only the bottom of cabinetry to stylishly save on expenses. The pop of blue in this mosaic backsplash is just enough color to make the traditional kitchen more charming. 

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