21 Tile Backsplash Ideas That Add a Bold Accent Behind the Range

white and green kitchen with vintage range
Photo: David Tsay

A tiled backsplash can add interesting texture and personality to your kitchen. Behind the range, it pulls double-duty by protecting walls from splatters while forming a distinctive focal point. Create the perfect backdrop for your kitchen with these backsplash ideas for above the range.

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Herringbone Tile Backsplash

gray and white cabinets in kitchen with herringbone backsplash
Kim Cornelison

Your kitchen backsplash is a great place to play with pattern and texture. Dress up the wall behind your range with an eye-catching tile arrangement. This herringbone backsplash design pairs two colors of marble in a zigzag pattern that adds dynamic personality to a gray and white kitchen.

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Modern Subway Tile Backsplash

Kitchen with dark blue cabinets and white tile
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

White subway tile is a classic choice for kitchen backsplashes, but dark grout lines give the material a crisp, modern appearance. Two-tone cabinetry, which juxtaposes bright white with deep blue, furthers this kitchen's contemporary personality. The high-gloss finish of the backsplash tiles helps reflect light and brighten the darker cabinetry color.

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Gray Subway Tile Backsplash

kitchen with white cabinets and blue stove
Ray Kachatorian

Complete your kitchen color scheme with a behind-the-range tile backsplash that repeats a color found elsewhere in the space. This subway tile backsplash matches the sleek gray color seen on the natural stone floors and stainless-steel accents, which contrast warm butcher-block countertops. The shiny tiles reflect light and add subtle sparkle.

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Intricate Tile Designs Above the Range

kitchen stove with overhanging faucet
Tria Giovan 

Utilize small-format tiles to create intricate patterns within your backsplash design. This kitchen is defined by fresh green cabinets and an elegant blue range, hues that are repeated in the tile backsplash above the range. Triangular, square, and hexagonal tile shapes arranged in a geometric pattern give the area beautiful texture and dimension.

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Traditional-Style Backsplash

white and green kitchen with vintage range
David Tsay

Shapely decorative tiles directly behind the stovetop lend subtle contrast and texture. This stone tile backsplash makes an elegant statement in a traditional kitchen. The darker tones in the tiles echo the warm gray tone of the painted cabinets. Brass accents and hardwood floors reinforce the classic, inviting look.

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Patterned Tile Backsplash

Kitchen with wooden cabinets and geometric wallpaper
Kritsada Panichgul

This custom tile backsplash is embedded with a grid pattern that makes it an interesting focal point above the range. Inspired by Italian flooring, the backsplash boasts neutral hues that are featured throughout the kitchen. The eye-catching pattern and muted color scheme help tie everything together.

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Matching Subway Tile Backsplash

light blue kitchen island
Michael Partenio

Blue-gray tones shimmer on this subway tile backsplash. Just a few shades off the island's blue paint color, the tiles add depth and contrast to the traditional kitchen. The backsplash protects the area behind the range from spills while reflecting light for an airy look.

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Glass Tile Backsplash

Contemporary kitchen with two tone cabinetry
Laurie Black

Glass backsplash tiles reflect this kitchen's sleek and refined style. The tile's unique shape and watery blue colors create a look similar to the ocean's rippling surface. The backsplash pairs with complementary yellow accents for a happy dose of color amongst neutral white and wood cabinets.

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Backsplash Focal Point

range niche tile backsplash reclaimed wood
Tria Giovan

Tucked into a niche, this range looks as if it sits inside a former cooking fireplace. The mosaic tile backsplash adds subtle color and personality to the otherwise neutral kitchen. A slab of reclaimed wood conceals the range hood and emphasizes the kitchen's old-meets-new aesthetic.

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Contrasting Tile Backsplash

glass mosaic tile range backsplash
Emily Followill

Tiny glass mosaic tiles form the range backsplash in this elegant kitchen. Shades of gray found in the tile mimic the look of stainless-steel appliances and play well with dark cherry cabinetry. Larger white subway tiles run horizontally above the countertop and allow the range backsplash to be the kitchen's standout surface.

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Art Deco Backsplash

kitchen range seamless counter backsplash
Alise O'Brien

This range backsplash adds to the vintage style of the kitchen. The backsplash and countertops were cut from the same stone, which creates a seamless transition from one surface to the other. The decorative shape of the backsplash adds visual interest and blends well with the traditional elements throughout the room.

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Quatrefoil Tile Backsplash

quatrefoil patterned backsplash tiles
Tria Giovan

Quatrefoil-pattern tiles add subtle dimension and texture to this pretty kitchen. The tiles blend well with the room's speckled granite countertops and lend the perfect finishing touch to the space. The backsplash reaches only partially up the wall, making way for a deep brown wall color that adds definition behind the upper cabinetry.

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How to Tile a Backsplash

You don't need to hire a professional for this kitchen update. You can create a beautiful tile backsplash behind the range with our instructions. Watch this easy tutorial to get the 6 steps you need to tile your own backsplash.

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Iridescent Tile Backsplash

white and gold reflective mosaic tile backsplash
John Granen

A wall covered with white and white-gold mosaic tiles makes a striking style statement in this kitchen. Set opposite the room's windows, the tile's shimmering pattern varies in intensity as the lighting changes throughout the day. A clean-lined range hood allows the backsplash to take center stage.

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Vibrant Tile Backsplash

counter to ceiling blue glass mosaic tile backsplash
Kim Cornelison

A countertop-to-ceiling glass mosaic tile backsplash adds quirky fun to this cheerful kitchen. The bold, glossy tiles set off a collection of colorful accents, including pots, pans, and the dining table base. Extending the tiles all the way to the ceiling draws the eye upward and emphasizes the room's height.

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Bold Patterned Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen striking black white patterned tile
Kim Cornelison

Striking black-and-white patterned tiles adorn the walls throughout this small kitchen. Although the pattern could become overhwhelming in a small space, the openness of this kitchen lends itself to the eye-catching look. Painting the cabinetry white also helps maintain an open, airy look.

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Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash

elegant mosaic tile range backsplash
Michael Partenio

The mosaic-tile backsplash in this kitchen has an unusual texture, featuring various creamy hues that complement the cabinetry and counters. The small tiles give the appearance of a single, bigger montage. Tucking the backsplash beneath the elegant range hood adds quaintness.

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European-Inspired Backsplash

blue and white european range backsplash
Michael Partenio

Blue-and-white backsplash tiles were the basis for the classic color scheme and timeless European feel of this kitchen. The ornate pattern above the range makes the tile a focal point. The rest of the backsplash pattern adds subtle contrast without stealing attention from the central design.

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Whimsical Tile Backsplash

quartz subway tile backsplash
Edward Gohlich

This kitchen backsplash design features beachy tiles that bring a whimsical feel. Iridescent quartz subway tiles are accented by a band of limestone tiles that boast a fun sea-life motif. A ceramic starfish and sand dollar bring subtle dimension to the backsplash.

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Backsplash Storage Niche

subway tile backsplash patterned niche
Werner Straube

A backsplash behind the range also provides an opportunity for built-in storage. Here, a subway tile backsplash surrounds a rectangular niche that provides convenient storage for cooking necessities. The black-and-white diamond pattern in the niche adds subtle variation to the otherwise white kitchen but still blends with the room's traditional styling.

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Natural Stone Backsplash

rough-cut stone backsplash
Jean Allsopp

This backsplash, tucked quaintly beneath the cabinetry above the cooktop, is a perfect accent for the kitchen. The various colors blend well with the rest of the neutral space. The rough-cut texture lends contrast to the smooth travertine tile floors and honed granite countertops.

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