Whether you vacation at vineyards or just like to have a few bottles on hand for friends, it pays to store wine with care. These tips will help you buy a wine refrigerator to fit your kitchen.

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With the popularity of wine, your options for wine refrigerators (also called wine coolers and wine cellars) continue to grow. Most models are designed to be installed under a countertop; some styles come as either built-in or freestanding.

For a more extensive wine collection, you may want to consider a more elaborate setup; tall units are designed to hold more than 100 bottles. Keep in mind, though, you'll give up cabinet space for this impressive size.

When shopping for refrigerated wine storage, consider these points:

  • To avoid temperature and humidity swings, many wine coolers use electronic controls that maintain ideal settings for whites, reds, and champagne.
  • If you choose glass instead of a solid panel, insist on tinted, ultraviolet-resistant doors to block harmful light. Look for a wine refrigerator with low-velocity fans and roller-mounted racks to minimize vibration.
  • For protection, you may want a unit with a lock as well as an alarm that signals the door was left open.

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