The smart personal blender is the best small kitchen appliance I own. 

By Carly Reiser
March 27, 2020
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I love a good breakfast smoothie (and the occasional strawberry milkshake). I make a smoothie every morning in an attempt to drink less coffee and get my energy from fruit instead of caffeine. However, my full-size blender always makes way more than I need for just myself. I never knew how much I would benefit from a personal-size blender until my dad gave me the NutriBullet Balance for Christmas two years ago. I’ve used it every day since.

What sets the NutriBullet Balance apart from other personal blenders is its smartphone app and Bluetooth technology, which are by far my favorite features. If I’m curious to know what’s going into my body, I’m able to see every nutritional fact like I would if I were buying a drink from the store. 

Credit: Courtesy of NutriBullet

The smart features might sound intimidating, but they’re actually user-friendly. Once I downloaded the app to my phone, I was able to browse pre-made recipes to spark new ideas as well as add my own. (My all-time favorite drink, by the way, is a classic strawberry-banana smoothie with a twist; my secret ingredients are rolled oats, ground cinnamon, and vanilla extract.) 

To add your own recipe to the dashboard, start by syncing your phone to the blender and selecting “create your own.” From there, place the 32-ounce Colossal cup on top of the base and add your ingredients. As you toss things into the cup, it uses a built-in scale to display exact measurements, along with its calorie count—no more guessing!

Once you’re done and you’ve attached the extractor blade to the cup, select “blend” in the app to pull up a suggested blending time and a countdown timer. After you verify your smoothie is at your desired consistency, the app will automatically pull up a nutritional fact sheet. The last steps are to name your drink and enjoy! Don’t forget to add your concoction to your favorites list so you can easily access it again. 

Credit: Courtesy of NutriBullet App

My NutriBullet completely changed the way I make any type of blended drink and is just the right size for single servings. I love that it comes with a travel cup and lid for when I want to take my breakfast on the go. If I’m staying in, I use the included comfort lip ring so I can blend and drink my smoothie from the same container without dirtying another cup.

I’ve been raving about this blender since I first used it, and it officially earned a permanent spot on my kitchen counter. And right now is a great time to add the NutriBullet Balance (or any other model) to your cart: Nutribullet has reduced prices on several blenders to what they were on Black Friday. Save 25% on all blenders by using code TAKECARE at checkout. 


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