Ideas for Integrating Refrigerators and Coolers

Chill out with cool new ways to incorporate refrigerators or coolers into your kitchen.

Painted-panel Refrigerator

Talk about blending right in. This refrigerator got a custom-cabinetry facelift. Finished to match the custom cabinets, the refrigerator looks like a piece of on furniture rather than a brand new appliance.

The wood cabinets and refrigerator panels received a coat of light oil-based paint. Umber glazes were applied and then refined through dry brushing. Using additional glaze, the painters edged both recessed and raised areas. A topcoat of clear acrylic polymer protects the finish.

Sleek, Stainless Accents

Your refrigerator choice can contribute to the overall design theme of a newly renovated kitchen. Here, a stainless-steel side-by-side refrigerator contributes to the neutral color scheme of the kitchen. Other stainless-steel appliances strike a balance with wood cabinets and stone countertops.

Mirror-image Refrigerators

What's better than one great refrigerator? Two! This kitchen offers twice the cooling space as standard kitchens with two single-door refrigerators built in to the surrounding cabinetry. The dynamic duo occupies a side wall, flanking the entry to the butler's pantry. Stainless steel doors go with the sleek white cabinetry (featuring stainless steel pulls) and stone countertops.

Built-in, Cabinet-front Refrigerator

Lots of kitchen designs feature built-in refrigerators, but this one disguises the refrigerator under cabinetry. White paneling treats walls and cabinets with uniform architectural definition. A built-in alcove about the refrigerator makes it feel like a large piece of furniture rather than an appliance.

Cabinet Front Refrigerator

Looking more like an armoire than a refrigerator, this kitchen design artfully disguises the refrigerator by making it look like the surrounding cabinetry. Dark wood and white countertops create cool and sophisticated style in this contemporary kitchen.

Hidden Appliances

Elegant paneling conceals the hard-working aspect of food storage and preparation in this kitchen. Hidden behind raised, painted paneling are two refrigerators, a microwave, and the appliance garage.

Armoire-style Refrigerator

This built-in refrigerator looks like a fine-crafted armoire. Built using a patented paneling design of Mick De Giulio, the cooling unit features four lower drawers, each concealed by four smaller faux-drawer fronts.

Free-standing, Armoire-style Refrigerator

Like a fine piece of custom furniture, this handsome refrigerator cabinet is painted in a glossy cream. Side-by-side pantries flank the refrigerator, which sits at the heart of the kitchen. The stand-alone armoire is painted a high-sheen taupe to stand apart from other cabinetry in the room.

Twig-front Refrigerator

A modern refrigerator would look out of place in this Adirondack-style house. This kitchen's rustic spirit is established by pine walls and ceilings and flooring made of tree slices set in mortar. So the refrigerator is disguised with a department store clock and custom twig front facings. Inside, the refrigerator is state-of the-art; on the outside, it blends into the weekend getaway's rustic lodgings.

Vintage Fridge

This fabulous 50's-style fridge sets the tone for this vintage-inspired kitchen. The refrigerator boasts a vintage shape body and contemporary chassis, plus the homeowners surrounded the fridge in paneling to create a built-in look.

Chalkboard Panels

If an expanse of refrigerator paneling seems like wasted space, try putting it to use with chalkboard panels. This family-friendly kitchen includes a generously sized side-by-side refrigerator/freezer which provided plenty of surface space for menus, shopping lists, schedules, and creative doodling.

Monochromatic Kitchen with Built-in Refrigerator

Sleek and modern, this black and white kitchen offers high contrast style and lots of efficient workspace. The built-in refrigerator/freezer in the corner is positioned close to storage and countertop areas, making food preparation a snap.

Under-counter Wine Cooler and Refrigerator

Entertaining is a snap with wine and snacks cooling and ready to serve from an under-counter wine cooler and refrigerator. The stainless-steel facade complements the oak cupboards. Wine coolers store a range of bottles and can be fitted with a lock.

Beverage Zone with Mini Fridge and Wine Cooler

Whether you're entertaining adults, a bevy of teens or a group of preschoolers, having a well-equipped beverage zone near eating and recreational areas is a must. Here, a white, beaded-board cabinet holds plates and glasses for quick snack prep. A mini refrigerator and wine cooler (which also holds cans and bottles of pop) are installed beneath the countertop.

Natural Wood and Stainless Steel Kitchen

Gleaming wood and sleek stainless steel are two materials that create clean lines in this contemporary kitchen. The homeowners did not want to interrupt the surfaces with a traditional refrigerator unit, so they used several hidden refrigerator drawers. Drawers keep the appliances well disguised yet within easy reach of the cooks and guests. The island also features an under-counter wine cooler.

Modern Kitchen with Disguised Appliances

This cook's kitchen features lots of work surfaces and storage -- as well as appliances that are disguised behind paneled doors or tucked away under countertops. The large refrigerator is hidden behind wooden doors, and a mini refrigerator that chills bottles of wine and champagne is tucked beneath the wide countertop of an island.

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