Ideas for Built-In Wall Ovens and Microwaves

This collection of built-in wall and microwave ovens shows how to easily incorporate these cooking appliances into your own kitchen -- without taking up precious space.

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    Stainless-Steel Appliances

    In this kitchen, the microwave, wall oven, and warming drawer are clustered close to the range. Countertop garages corral the smaller appliances.

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    Streamlined Wall Ovens

    These built-in wall ovens maintain the kitchen's open layout while providing a convenient cooking station.

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    Convenient Cooking Station

    The closeness of these wall ovens to the kitchen peninsula makes this a food-prep and cooking area that can handle parties.

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    Plentiful Ovens

    This wall consolidates all the oven options a large family needs: a double oven, microwave, toaster oven, and warming drawer.

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    Contemporary-Style Ovens

    A double wall oven blends right into the warm, contemporary style and wide-open layout in this inviting Seattle kitchen.

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    Island Appliances

    This 8-foot-long prep island, a cook's delight, packs in appliance power, workspace, and storage. The outer side holds the microwave and wine cooler, letting people access snacks and beverages without entering the cooking zone.

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    Baker-Friendly Island

    The island contains a microwave and also tucks in an extra oven for baking projects.

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    Built-In Microwave

    This microwave, at a kid-friendly height, is away from the main cooking area.

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    Space-Maximizing Oven Door

    This built-in microwave has a door that flips down, making maximum use of a countertop corner. The appliance is fitted neatly into paneling, which continues as a backsplash.

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    Creative Built-Ins

    A stainless-steel cabinet houses this microwave and warming drawer. Plus, the custom-look structure offers bonus storage space.

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    Small Kitchen Design

    In a small kitchen, it is essential to place appliances strategically. In this case, the microwave caps two wall ovens. A pullout step under the stack allows easy access. The step's nonslip surface ensures a safe foothold.

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    Built-In Steamer

    If you love steaming vegetables, try adding a built-in steamer in your upper cabinetry, as shown here. The stainless-steel appliance will give your space old-fashioned sparkle.

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