There's no need to pay for overpriced coffee when you can make your own delicious drinks at home.

By Christie Calucchia
May 26, 2020
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As soon as summer hits, your morning cup of piping hot coffee suddenly sounds less appealing. The solution to maintaining your caffeine habit when temperatures rise? Cold brew coffee. Not only does cold brew keep you cool, but it also offers a more balanced, less acidic flavor profile than traditional hot or iced coffee. Plus, you can make it yourself at home with the help of a cold brew coffee maker.

There are two main types of cold brew coffee makers: automatic and manual. Automatic appliances are the easiest to operate. You simply add coffee grounds and cold water to the machine, flip a switch, and wait anywhere from five to 25 minutes for a batch of cold brew concentrate to fill a carafe. Manual cold brew coffee makers require a bit more lead time to yield deliciously chilled coffee, as they typically involve a pitcher outfitted with an infuser that needs to steep for at least 12 hours, similar to making a large batch of iced tea.

No matter which option you choose, cold brew coffee makers are a great way to save time and money on daily trips to the coffee shop. Plus, you can customize your ice-cold beverages exactly to your liking, whether you prefer them served over ice, with milk, or diluted with a bit of water.

Ahead, shop the 10 best cold brew coffee makers from trusted brands like Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and Hamilton Beach. You'll be brewing coffee like a barista in no time.

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Best Overall: Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker

For homemade cold brew at the touch of a button, you can count on this automatic coffee maker from Cuisinart. It makes smooth cold brew in just 25 minutes by saturating coffee grounds in cool water and using spin technology to extract a delicious flavor far quicker than manual brewers. You can select your brew strength and store the 7-cup carafe in your fridge to enjoy the cold brew throughout the week.

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Best for a Crowd: KitchenAid 28-Ounce Stainless Steel Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This coffee maker was designed to hold a large batch of cold brew that you can keep in the refrigerator and serve yourself from a handy spout. It makes up to 14 servings of coffee concentrate (which you can mix with milk, water, or ice) that will stay fresh for up to two weeks. Just fill the reusable stainless steel steeper with coffee grounds, add water, and find room for it to sit on a shelf in the fridge.

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Best Value: Hamilton Beach 3-Cup Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For just $25, you could be on your way to making cold brew at home every day. When you think about the cost of a typical cup of cold brew from a coffee shop, this small investment will certainly save you money down the line. The affordable design works just as well as more expensive options, using a stainless-steel, fine-mesh infuser to steep coffee grounds as well as loose tea.

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Best for Storing: Espro Cold Brew Coffee Kit

This cold brew maker allows you to seamlessly steep and store coffee. It comes with a dual filtration system and micro-mesh filter that you fill with ground coffee and cold water. Put on the cover and let the water and grounds work their magic for 12 to 24 hours. Once the grounds have sufficiently infused the water, funnel the cold brew into the included glass growler to store the finished product until you're ready for a cup. 

Buy It: Espro Cold Brew Coffee Kit, ($99.95, Amazon)

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Most Versatile: Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Whether you’re in the mood for hot or iced coffee, this manual coffee maker gets the job done. It makes 1 quart of concentrated coffee, which ends up being about four servings of cold brew when mixed with water, milk, or ice. You can fill the fine mesh coffee filter with any coffee grounds, add water, and close the airtight lid to keep your hard-earned brew as fresh as can be for up to two weeks.

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Best Flavor: Oxo Brew Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This coffee maker includes a special "Rainmaker" feature that evenly distributes water during the brewing process through a perforated top for smooth coffee that's less acidic than traditional brewing methods. Once the water passes through the ultra-fine stainless steel mesh filter, it collects in a carafe with measurement markings. It also comes apart for easy cleaning and the parts nest together for efficient storing when it's not in use.

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Best Style: Primula Glass Coffee Maker

This cold brew coffee maker doubles as a stylish carafe suitable for a brunch spread. The minimal glass pitcher brews coffee manually with the help of a stainless steel filter. It also comes with a slip-resistant rubber base and a flavor mixer to customize your chilled beverages to perfection.

Buy It: Primula Glass Coffee Maker, ($17.99, Amazon)

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Best Compact: OXO Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

When your countertops and refrigerator shelves are short on space, you need a compact coffee maker that will deliver cold brew without taking over your kitchen. This compact cold brew coffee maker from Oxo is fit for the task. Even though the brewer is only 5.25 inches wide, it still makes enough coffee concentrate to last you a whole week. Just add water and let it pour over your coffee grounds and steep for 12 to 24 hours. The petite glass carafe even comes with a cork stopper to keep your brew fresh for days.

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Most Time-Efficient: Dash Cold Brew Coffee Maker

While manually steeping cold brew can take up to an entire day, most automatic cold brew coffee makers take nearly 30 minutes to make strong coffee concentrate. However, this cold brew system from Dash makes about seven servings of cold brew in just five minutes. So if you're impatient when it comes to getting your morning caffeine fix, this machine is a great time-saving option. All you have to do is fill the machine with coffee grounds and water and turn it on. A few minutes later, you'll have a large batch of cold brew you can store in the fridge for the rest of the week.

Buy It: Dash Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $62.98 (originally $129.99), Amazon

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Best Manual: Toddy Cold Brew System

Bed Bath & Beyond shoppers love this bestselling cold brew system, and it's easy to see why. Using the cold-press method, it extracts flavor from coffee grounds or beans with cold water, creating a smooth, balanced taste. It comes with a brewing container, a glass decanter, two reusable filters, and a rubber stopper for storage.

Buy It: Toddy Cold Brew System, ($39.99, Amazon)


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