Kitchen Appliance Ideas

When designing a beautiful kitchen, you must integrate appliances into the decor. Find ideas to incorporate various appliances in your kitchen to create the look you've always dreamed of.

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    Island Warming Drawer

    This island includes a warming drawer that keeps food at the ideal serving temperature. Placing the warming drawer in the middle of the island allows for easy access.

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    Easy Cleanup with Double Dishwashers

    Wash small loads, large loads, or double loads of dishes with ease. Placing the dishwashers next to the sink makes it simple to rinse off dishes before putting them into the wash. The window above the sink and dishwashers provides a beautiful view during cleanup.

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    How to Clean Appliances

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    Stainless-Steel Kitchen Appliances

    Stainless-steel appliances, including a warming drawer, add contemporary style to this kitchen's classic charm. Keeping cooking appliances in close proximity makes it easy to move around the kitchen while preparing a meal. The warming drawer to the left of the cooktop is a perfect resting spot for dishes hot off the stove.

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    Hidden Kitchen Appliances

    You wouldn't know it, but the refrigerator, microwave, and warming drawer are next to this kitchen's walk-in pantry. The appliances blend in beautifully with a white finish that matches the cabinetry. The camouflage makes the appliances both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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    Range with Colorful Accents

    The stainless-steel appliances, including a warming drawer and stove, look beautiful in this black-and-white kitchen. The red accents add a touch of flair, and the brightly colored knobs on the range bring continuity to the room.

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    Island with Sunken Cooktop

    This cooktop sits a few inches lower than the rest of the island top, making the cook more comfortable and shielding seated guests from messes. The storage space below the cooktop makes pots and pans easily accessible, while the smooth top adds a glossy finish.

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    Mantel-Style Range Hood

    Subway tile and a mantel-style hood age the range, one of the few modern-looking features in this kitchen. The vintage-style vent hood meshes perfectly with the cabinetry, bringing the kitchen together. The stainless-steel range adds a contemporary twist while retaining the kitchen's elegant style.

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    How to Clean Stainless Steel

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    Pro-Style Range for the Chef

    For those who enjoy being in the kitchen and preparing meals, a professional-style range may be the perfect feature. With ample stovetop and oven space, this range works beautifully when hosting a dinner party or making cupcakes for a bake sale. Stainless steel adds style to the kitchen and is easy to clean.

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    Architectural Detailing Around Range

    A beautifully crafted old-world hood crowns this modern range. The stainless steel below adds a contemporary amenity to the traditional feel of the kitchen.

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    How to Clean a Cooktop

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    Budget-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

    A little searching can produce beautiful appliances that won't break the bank. Here, a great-looking stainless-steel range and refrigerator bought at a discount store work beautifully in a high-style kitchen. Generous storage space around the fridge keeps all the food in one corner.

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    Dishwasher Drawers

    Dishwasher drawers add convenience and style in the kitchen. Flanking both sides of the sink, drawers make cleanup quick and easy. They also add symmetry to the room while retaining their practical quality.

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