8 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets That Will Actually Help Save the World

Just by purchasing and stocking your kitchen with these incredible utensils, see how you'll help people around the world.

The next time you find yourself searching for a wedding or housewarming gift for the home chef,  give your selection some extra meaning by choosing an item with an added benefit to others. These eight must-have items for your kitchen take our love for food and turn the proceeds into something for the greater good. Read on for a list of gadgets (and a cookbook!) that are much more meaningful than your average utensil.

Hand Carved Wood Slotted Spoons, $32.99


If there's any one kitchen utensil you can't have too many of, wooden spoons would be it. They're great for sautéing, stirring, and mixing, all without scratching your favorite pan. And the cherry on top? Part of the proceeds from these eco-friendly, hand-carved wood slotted spoons from UNICEF Market will go to both the talented artisans from the Peten region of Guatemala who crafted them while helping UNICEF save and protect children around the world.

Plum Print Linen Tea Towel, $22

Raven and Lily

The minimalist, geometric design makes this trusted kitchen workhorse pretty special. What's even more special is that all proceeds support Raven and Lily's mission to provide marginalized women in Cambodia access to safe jobs at fair trade wages, healthcare, and education.

Special Edition Tall Dutch Oven, $320

Le Crueset

If you don't have a dutch oven, you might want to consider purchasing one. It's one of the most versatile kitchen tools around, perfect for making anything from a classic pot roast to old-fashioned baked beans to pepper jelly. But while you're shopping, you'll quickly discover that there are dutch ovens, and then there are Le Creuset dutch ovens. While these brand-name pots come with a hefty price tag, the colorfully-enameled French cookware is the kind that your children and grandchildren will still use in 40 years. Even better? Pick their special edition red tall dutch oven and 10 percent of the cost will be donated to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

Landscape Garlic Keeper, $24


A relatively uncommon kitchen gadget, the garlic keeper is an elegant way to stock up on garlic heads and keep them fresh without overcrowding your countertop with messy half-used cloves and flaking garlic peel. This earth-toned clay canister, handmade in Cameroon, will fit right in for any kitchen that has a warm color scheme. Proceeds go to support Servv, a nonprofit, fair trade organization dedicated to lifting disadvantaged artisans, farmers, and their families out of poverty.

Nixtamal Masa and Tortilla Making Kit, $100

Hot Bread Kitchen

The secret to great tacos? Handmade tortillas. Go pro and snag this tortilla making kit, including a grinder, press, three pounds of corn (in three colors!), mineral lime for soaking, and recipe cards. Proceeds support Hot Bread Kitchen, a nonprofit social enterprise that creates economic opportunities for low-income New Yorkers through careers in the culinary industry.

NPR Recycled Cotton Apron, $35

NPR Shop

Do you ever listen to NPR while cooking? Here's a way to support your favorite public radio programming while protecting your threads from kitchen splashes. The black-and-white minimalist design and recycled cotton make this apron from the NPR shop chic and environmentally friendly.

Kuponda Mortar and Pestle, $30

Society B

The mortar and pestle are so functional, that once you finally get one in your kitchen, you'll wonder how you ever cooked without it. Go beyond the guacamole and dive into homemade dry rubs, pesto, and more — all with bolder flavor, color, and texture than you'd get with a food processor. Grab the Kuponda mortar and pestle from Society B and you'll also help provide scholarships, microloans, and job training for women in Kenya.

Soup for Syria, $30

Soup for Syria

Soup is the ultimate comfort food, so it makes perfect sense that a bowl of liquid warmth would go to support a good cause. The Soup for Syria cookbook is a collection of recipes by acclaimed chefs, with all profits donated to fund food relief efforts for Syrian refugees through the United Nation's Refugee Agency. Contributors include Anthony Bourdain and Alice Waters, just to name a few, and the book includes simple instructions featuring soups from around the world.


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