5 Kitchen Hardware Trends to Try This Year

Experts share the cabinet pulls and knobs expected to be big in 2023.

When it comes to designing a kitchen with style, charm, and personality, it’s all in the details. And no feature drives home the overall look and feel of your space quite like hardware. “It’s an often overlooked element of design but essential to tying the entire space together,” says Jen DeRose, senior style editor at Perigold. “And it’s always worth the splurge in my book.” 

kitchen with white and gray cabinets with open shelves
John Granen

A trifecta of factors make kitchen cabinet hardware a worthy investment First, it contributes to both the design of the space and its functionality. As such, it’s something that will receive daily use—and likely lots of it. Finally, it’s a tactile element, which means you want it to feel good in your hand and have a good weight to it.

If it seems like a lot to think about, you’re not wrong, but there is comfort in the fact that hardware can easily be swapped out without requiring a complete kitchen remodel. Use these kitchen hardware trends to serve as inspiration for your kitchen refresh—no matter if it’s an overhaul or a simple done-in-a-day project

rustic wooden kitchen cabinets
Ed Gohlich

1. Gray Tones

Hardware finish and color can certainly make an impact—just refer to the shiny gold numbers we saw a few decades ago for proof. Cabinet pulls and handles have certainly taken a more subtle track in recent years, but today’s trends are even more forgiving. “After years of matte black hardware, we’re starting to see a softer, edgier take on the shade: think charcoal, gunmetal, and nickel grays,” says DeRose. “This finish often has a more reflective quality (as opposed to being flat), which helps reflect light—something that’s especially nice if your space is on the smaller side or lacks natural light.”

DeRose recommends pairing charcoal gray elements, whether fixtures or hardware, with countertop and backsplash slabs in high-contrast black-and-white marble with walnut wood cabinets to warm up the space.  

wood kitchen cabinets with built-in desk office

King Au

2. Wood Grain

Wood finishes are back in a big way for 2023. We’ve seen the resurgence of natural grain cabinets for a few years now, but DeRose says wood hardware is also jumping on the scene. Look for wood pulls with natural-looking shapes that can show off the grain. They can bring a more modern element to a kitchen or deliver a rustic edge, depending on the application. 

kitchen with white cabinets and wooden island
Michael Partenio

3. Old-World Details

In 2023, hardware is all about adding even more personality to your space, something that can be hard to do when working with flat metal pulls and knobs. That might be why we’re seeing an increased interest in pieces that bring more traditional or ornate details. “I particularly like using more decorative hardware in a pantry or bar—a space that can serve as a jewel box,” says DeRose. “Handles in the shape of an elaborate bow or with ornate filigree adds charm and unexpected whimsy but not in an over the top or cliched way.”

If you’re not into quite so much detail, consider just opting for traditional hardware with softer edges. “Curves are trending in interiors—think arched doorways and chairs with rounded, body-hugging backs—and these softer silhouettes are popping up in hardware, too,” says DeRose. 

kitchen cabinet hardware pulls handles gold with texture


4. Subtle Texture

So many of the trends dominating home design have made their way into kitchens, too, and texture is a prime example. “This textural trend first popped up in furniture, lighting, and decor, and now we’re seeing it on handles, knobs, and pulls, too,” says DeRose. “Subtle ribbing and channeling adds texture, which is an especially nice touch in a bathroom or kitchen as those spaces have so many hard, smooth surfaces.”

Textural hardware adds an enticing edge to cabinets and drawers. Handcrafted pieces can also take a similar effect. Whether it’s hand-carved or forged and hammered, there are plenty of ways to let texture take a starring role in kitchen cabinet hardware.

kitchen with green cabinets and white textured walls
Brie Passano

5. Mixed Materials

Say goodbye to the matchy-matchy look and instead mix and match your kitchen materials. Whether it’s the collected look living rooms are taking on in 2023 or the hardware for a kitchen remodel, this year it's all about adding more interest and dimension.

“A general rule of thumb when mixing materials in a kitchen is to think in groupings: cabinet hardware, appliances, and faucets,” says DeRose. “You can make each of those groupings a different finish or material, but for a layered cohesive look keep finish/material the same within each group.”

Want even more cohesion? You can still give your kitchen a dose of collected appeal by sticking with the same finish but switching up the type of pulls. “For example, stick with brass as your finish but use everything from simple mushroom knobs to more oversized bar pulls,” offers DeRose. 

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