8 Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas for Every Design Style

To help you choose the foundation for the hub of your home, we’re sharing our favorite kitchen floor tile ideas.

black and white tile in kitchen

Brie Williams

Tiles are a popular choice for kitchen flooring because they’re hard-wearing, durable, and generally pretty low maintenance. They're also fairly easy to clean, which is important for a high-traffic area that's prone to cooking spills. But with so many types of tile available, it can be hard to know where to start as you plan your next kitchen renovation.

Natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic are a few of the most common types of kitchen floor tiles, each boasting their own qualities and looks. Beyond their functional purpose, kitchen floor tiles set the tone for the kitchen design aesthetic, and a diverse range of tile styles leaves plenty of room for creativity. Make your kitchen as fun as it is functional with bold geometric printed floor tiles. Or, if you’re after something with enduring appeal, natural stone can lend a luxurious or rustic look. To help you choose the right tile for the hub of your home, we’re sharing a few of our favorite kitchen floor tile ideas.

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Experiment with Transitional Flooring

black and white tile floor in kitchen

Buff Strickland 

Kitchen floor tiles are an easy way to establish zones in an open-plan space. Create a design with an assortment of geometric print tiles and lay them down to set the perimeters of the kitchen. For added visual interest, mix and match different patterns in the same color scheme. Or, break up the transition with an irregular arrangement of curves, waves, or gradually dissipating tiles.

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Go Retro with Checkerboard Floor Tiles

kitchen grey-green cabinets pink backsplash
Hector Sanchez

Bring a retro feel to your kitchen with black and white checkerboard floor tiles. These classic and versatile tiles give you free rein to play around with color up top. For a contemporary feel, lay the tiles parallel to the walls. If you spin them 45 degrees into a diagonal orientation, the same tiles can create a more classic look, referred to as Harlequin. 

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Get Creative with Penny Mosaic Floor Tiles

white kitchen with tile walls and tile floor

Kim Cornelison

Penny mosaic tiles have surged in popularity in kitchen and bathroom decor recently. Having first graced home interiors in the early 20th century, these charming tiles lend a hint of nostalgia to the contemporary home. The best part about mosaic floor tiles is that they can be laid in a range of patterns using different colored tiles, resulting in a floor that is entirely unique to your home.

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Go Dark and Dramatic with Slate Floor Tiles

modern kitchen with dark cabinets below and white cabinets above, black and gold oven range
Dane Tashima

Add a sense of drama to your kitchen with slate floor tiles. Dark floors like these are a great way to make a small kitchen appear larger, particularly when you go lighter with white cabinets. What’s more, they’re also better at concealing mud and dirt dragged in from the garden by kids or pets. Opt for light or bright-colored kitchen furniture to contrast the dark slate gray tiles and make a fun, eye-catching statement. 

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Use Natural Stone Floor Tiles

kitchen with wicker hanging lights
Victoria Pearson

Set the tone for a modern rustic kitchen aesthetic with natural stone floor tiles. The natural tones and pattern of the stone add warmth and texture to the space and provide versatility for the rest of the decor. Build on the au naturel look with other natural materials, such as wood grains and rattan. Add a fresh touch with crisp white walls and a smooth white stone countertop to offset the rough textures.

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Keep it Contemporary with Cement Tile

black and white tile in kitchen

Brie Williams

Patterned tiles like cement encaustic floor tiles are a great way to inject a kitchen with personality. They create movement and add texture to the space, allowing you to keep the rest of the decor quite simple. The colors in the floor tiles will inform the rest of the color scheme, so if you want to keep your options open for future cabinet color changes, black, white, and gray tiles are a safe bet.

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Embrace Tradition with Farmhouse Flagstone

flagstone kitchen floor

Susan Gilmore

Flagstone floors are a classic option for a farmhouse-style kitchen. Their beauty lies in the irregularity and individuality of each stone, adding texture, depth, and interest to the space. Flagstone floor tiles are also durable and hard-wearing, which is ideal for a busy space. Complete the rustic look with shaker kitchen cabinets and wood grain furniture and finishes.

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Add Warmth with Terracotta Floor Tiles

kitchen with blue painted island
Werner Straube

The natural, earthy red pigment of terracotta floor tiles fills a kitchen with warmth and a sense of comfort and familiarity. They create an organic, rustic aesthetic suited to a country farmhouse or Mediterranean-style kitchen. Terracotta tiles are timeless and versatile, pairing well with a neutral palette or bolder hues, like blue, green, yellow, pink, and black. Terracotta is a naturally porous stone, so make sure your floor tiles are glazed or sealed to give them water and stain resistance. 

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