Washing Cutlery Has Never Been Easier Thanks to This $8 Tool—Plus 5 Other Essentials to Make Cleaning Simple

These picks will simplify your housekeeping routine.

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A sink full of dirty utensils and dishes is a frustrating sight. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space or the money for a dishwasher, making hand washing the only option for some. You can either add to the mountain, and they'll become the next person's problem, or you take on the challenging task yourself—with help from some nifty gadgets.

We rounded up six top cleaning solutions that Amazon shoppers swear by to get their kitchens to sparkle. From power scrubbers that save time and effort to versatile tools, these household essentials will simplify your cleaning routine without costing you a fortune.

Check out these top-rated home supplies to level up your housekeeping game in a flash.

Joseph Joseph Blade Brush

Joseph Joseph BladeBrush Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush Bristle Scrub


Cleanse your sharpest blades safely and swiftly with this vibrant brush. The wraparound design lets you clean both sides of your utensils simultaneously while shielding your fingers from sharp edges. Over 10,000 shoppers found this tool a "game changer" for dish washing.

Buy It: Joseph Joseph Blade Brush, ($8, Amazon)

Omaia Two-in-One Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder

OMAIA 2-in-1 Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder


If you have limited space around your sink, this two-in-one option is perfect for you. The compact caddy not only holds your sponge to keep your sink mess-free, but it also works as a soap dispenser. With the transparent base, you can see exactly how much soap you have left and when it's time to refill.

Buy It: Omaia Two-in-One Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder, ($12, Amazon)

Mr. Siga Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

MR.SIGA Soap Dispensing Palm Brush


Sometimes sponges aren't enough, and caked-on messes call for some elbow grease. These non-slip palm brushes keep your hands clean and dry while you scrub away at grime and can hold soap at the base, allowing you to dispense cleaning fluid with just a squeeze.

Buy It: Mr. Siga Soap Dispensing Palm Brush, ($15; Amazon)

HGN Kitchen Sink Glass Rinser

HGN Metal Kitchen Sink Glass Rinser,


This clever and compact rinser will leave your glasses and cups squeaky clean in no time. Just place the mouth of the cup down onto the device and press down. A small rush of water will start spraying for a multi-dimensional and thorough cleaning.

Buy It: HGN Kitchen Sink Glass Rinser, from $42 with coupon (was from $66), Amazon

Kimteny 12-Pack of Dish Towels

kimteny 12 Pack Kitchen Cloth Dish Towels


No kitchen is complete without a set of ultra-absorbent dish towels. This set of 12 costs a little over $1 a piece and can be used all over your kitchen, from drying dishes to sopping up greasy spills. The top-selling bundle will replace your paper towels and help you waste less when cleaning up.

Buy It: Kimteny 12-Pack of Dish Towels, $13 (was $16), Amazon

Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Battery Power Scrubber

Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Battery Power Scrubber,


From stained tiles to grease-caked grates, no stuck-on mess stands a chance against this battery-powered spin brush. The small head and stiff bristles make it ideal for cleaning tight spots. It can also be used with multi-purpose, grout brush, and large multi-purpose heads to make any cleaning job more manageable.

Buy It: Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Battery Power Scrubber, ($27, Amazon)

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