With so many fun and colorful wallpaper designs available, you can easily decorate your child's room and make it one you'll both love for years. Here are some of our favorites.

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Floral patterns can successfully span several years as your child grows. Plus, florals often offer many complementary color choices you can pull out and highlight for bedding and accents as your little one's favorite color evolves.

Repeating Shapes

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By choosing a wallpaper that features patterns, shapes, and colors that can stand the test of time -- and the whims of kids' changing tastes -- you can create a room that will grow with your child, from nursery to teen years.

Wallpaper that uses repeating shapes like stars, dots, hearts, and diamonds are options that look fresh for many years. As a bonus, patterned shapes do not limit your options when it comes to changing out fabrics, accents, and bedding.


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Stripes are another great option when it comes to children's spaces. Classic, timeless patterns like these won't get outdated in either boys' or girls' rooms.

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Traditional Patterns

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Traditional wallpapers that you might chose for other rooms can also work well in kid's rooms when done in bright, vibrant, kid-friendly colors, such as lemon yellow, fuchsia, and electric blue.

What's Your Decorating Style?

Whimsical Designs

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Whimsical wallpapers create an eye-catching space your little one will love. Papers with fun and funky themes and illustrations can be used throughout the whole room or hung on a single accent wall.

Soft Neutral Patterns

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Neutral wallpaper colors enable you to easily change the accent colors and other decor of the room as your child grows. These soft hues pair beautifully with bold, bright accents so you can update the look of the room as your child likes.

Kid- and Adult-Friendly Options

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You might not think an animal-pattern wallpaper can endure in your children's spaces, but many of today's wallpaper manufacturers are offering designs that are both kid- and adult-friendly. This is a fun option in shared spaces such as a child's bathroom that doubles as a guest bathroom.

Small Murals and Decals

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Wallpaper murals and vinyl decals are two more options for children's rooms. These choices offer a versatile alternative to traditional wallpapers and can be easily removed if a child outgrows the design.


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