Kalea Martin

Kalea Martin
Education: Mount Holyoke College
Location: New York, NY

Kalea Martín is New York-based lifestyle writer who spends most of her time reviewing recipes and food products for home cooks. When she’s not writing about food for different publications, she’s usually busy testing out another weird kitchen gadget she bought off Amazon or watering her collection of herbs.

-Background in digital and in-print publishing
-Work featured on Betty Crocker boxed cake mix and Shamrock Farms milk cartons
-2022 nominee for Bake From Scratch Magazine’s The Greatest Baker Award


Kalea Martín began her writing career at LUXOS Magazine in Milan, Italy, where she covered international food and travel. When she moved back to the U.S., Kalea worked part-time at HarperCollins Publishers’ marketing department and at a Manhattan bakery until she started writing for POPSUGAR, covering everything from Starbucks drink reviews to fitness product recommendations.

Though all of Kalea’s published content falls under the lifestyle category, she mostly enjoys writing about the latest food and cooking trends. Her work has been featured on Betty Crocker and Shamrock Farms products, alongside outlets like Tasting Table, Mashed, and The Daily Meal. In 2022, Kalea earned a nomination for Bake From Scratch Magazine’s "The Greatest Baker."


Kalea graduated magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages and Studio Art. In between attending classes and playing ice hockey, Kalea also wrote college lifestyle content for Her Campus and The Teen Magazine. Mount Holyoke awarded Kalea with the Helen E. Patch Prize, as well as the Mary Vance Young Scholarship, allowing her to further her studies and career in Milan, Italy.

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