IKEA’s Next Limited-Edition Collection Is a Meaningful Celebration of Color

The ÖMSESIDIG collection was created in collaboration with Latin American artists, and the results are the perfect accents for any social event.

Products from the new IKEA OMSESIDIG collection arranged in a kitchen


If fall and winter are the seasons of neutrals and quiet patterns, spring and summer are the seasons of mood-boosting, colorful decor—a seasonal shift that IKEA’s newest collection, ÖMSESIDIG, captures perfectly. Designed in collaboration with nine Latin American creatives and reflective of traditions from across Latin America, ÖMSESIDIG is all about celebrating and socializing, and the compelling products included in the collection are practically guaranteed to bring a jubilant mood into any home.

IKEA’s new, limited-edition ÖMSESIDIG collection includes 30 products, ranging from glassware and tableware in distinctive shapes to bold decorations and textiles. Like the BASTUA collaboration with Marimekko before it, ÖMSESIDIG also features two new, unique designs for iconic FRAKTA bag. Other items include cushion covers, a candle holder, a stool, and a cooler bag.

Products from the new IKEA OMSESIDIG collection


The collection is meant to help people celebrate and socialize around food and music, with each item intended to support and encourage those activities by creating a welcoming, uplifting atmosphere. Each playful product does just that: From the lime-shaped bowls to the festive color palettes to the sculptural serving utensils, there’s a feeling of movement and action in each component of the collection.

Products from the new IKEA OMSESIDIG collection in a living room


ÖMSESIDIG means mutual in Swedish, and the entire collection was an opportunity for IKEA’s designers and the Latin American artists they collaborated with to learn from each other.

“We were curious to learn what would happen when different traditions in culture, crafts, and expressions mashed up with the avant-garde scene of design, fashion, food, architecture, and art,” said Friso Wiersma, designer at IKEA of Sweden, in a press release announcing the full collection. “The result is a vibrant collection that celebrates the diverse talents of our collaborators, where each creative brings their own rich perspective and approach to their design.”

Products from the new IKEA OMSESIDIG collection


The creatives who worked on the collection represent a variety of disciplines, and each brought their own perspective and inspirations from their home country to the designs they contributed. Nicolás Rivero, a fashion designer from Colombia, designed a tablecloth inspired by the colors of the Andes Mountains, while product designer Liliana Ovalle brought a streamlined stool, lime-shaped serving bowl, and carafe and glasses to the collection, inspired by the Mexican celebrations she enjoyed as a child.

“My inspiration comes from preparations, music, and decorations strongly connected to Mexican traditions I grew up with, that make each gathering unique,” Ovalle said in a statement. “This collaboration allowed me to explore that connection and develop playful designs that could evoke those lively moments, from lime-filled tables to the bits of colorful piñatas left after a party.”

The other artists who worked on the collection include product designer Abel Cárcamo Segovia from Chile; muralist and multi-disciplinary artist Trini Guzmán from Chile; artist Diana Ordóñez from Colombia; textile designer Marisol Centeno from Mexico; chef Álvaro Clavijo from Colombia; ceramist Catalina Zarhi from Chile; and architect Felipe Assadi from Chile. Together, their designs showcase Latin American celebratory traditions in ways anyone can bring home and enjoy.

IKEA’s limited-edition ÖMSESIDIG collection is available across IKEA markets starting in April 2023.

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