You Can Finally Shop IKEA’s Budget-Friendly As-Is Section Online

The beloved retailer is taking a number of steps to make shopping sustainably easier.

IKEA is on a years-long journey of adding sustainability to the (long) list of the many qualities that make the brand a fan-favorite. As part of IKEA’s latest efforts, shoppers nationwide can enjoy the store’s newly expanded As-Is program, which now has an online shopping service.

IKEA’s As-Is Section

IKEA’s As-Is section has long been a hidden gem. The section, which is often situated in an out-of-the-way corner of IKEA stores, contains a range of products at reduced prices. The As-Is section may feature discontinued items, gently used items, and even ex-showroom displays. These items aren’t fresh-from-the-box, but they are deemed resalable by IKEA employees, and each has a label describing the product conditions, so shoppers know exactly what they’re getting in case any items have light damage or wear and tear.

For savvy shoppers, the As-Is section is the best place to find deals on IKEA favorites. (It’s also a great place to find items that you plan to use for IKEA hacks anyway, so the items’ current conditions don’t matter much.) Until now, you could only shop the As-Is section in-person, and you never knew what you might find. If you were a long drive from your nearest IKEA, it might not always be worth the trip—but now IKEA Family members can shop the As-Is section online.

Shelves at Ikea warehouse

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Starting April 5, all you have to do is check what’s available at your local store’s As-Is section online. IKEA Family members can now view and reserve products in the section for up to 48 hours. Once you’ve found the product you’ve been looking for on IKEA’s website, you just have to head to the store within that reservation window to purchase your item and bring it home: No more showing up at the As-Is section just hoping it would have what you were looking for, or rushing to beat similarly minded shoppers to get the best deal.

“This Earth Month marks an exciting time for IKEA U.S. as we continue to make sustainable attainable for many people,” said Javier Quiñones, IKEA U.S. CEO & Chief Sustainability Officer, in a statement. “As-is online joins our other services like Buy Back & Resell and the spare parts program that help our customers live a more sustainable life at home with a variety of ways to prolong the life of their furniture.”

You need to create an IKEA Family Member account to access the new As-Is online service, and it’s one of the many exclusive benefits offered (along with 5% off of all furniture and decor).

Along with the launch of the new As-Is online program, IKEA is starting several other incentives for Earth Month to encourage sustainability and support local communities, including:

  • Matching up to $50,000 of in-store customer donations to the American Red Cross
  • Offering 25% off all As-Is items on April 22 and April 23, 2023
  • Hosting in-store sustainability events, workshops, and the opportunities for IKEA Family

During the month of April, IKEA is offering deals and discounts on sustainably sourced products made from natural materials to encourage customers to shop ethically, including:

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