Tell Your Favorite Plant-Lover You ‘Dig’ Them on Valentine’s Day

Plus, get ideas for other romantic living flowers and plants to gift on February 14.

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I Dig You kit from the Sill

The Sill

It’s the season of romance, and for the plant lover in your life, it’s also planting season. Instead of going the traditional route of roses and chocolates this Valentine’s Day, give a unique gift that keeps on growing with the “I Dig You” kit from the Sill—you could even call it a cheeky metaphor for your relationship. 

The kit has all of the essentials for setting the featured plant (and others) up for success. The bundle, which retails for $138, comes with a Heartleaf Philodendron, bag of organic potting mix, bag of lava rocks, plant mister, gardening gloves, and a mini ceramic, heart-shaped sign that reads “I Dig You.” The plant itself even arrives in a nursery grow plant pot nestled in a small ceramic planter. Bonus: Shipping is free and carbon neutral, so you can rest easy knowing you’re showing the planet some love, too.

Buy It: I Dig You Kit, $138,

With their heart-shaped leaves, philodendrons are the ultimate romantic plant gift. They make an ideal houseplant for new plant owners or beginning gardeners, as they’re very low maintenance. Give yours indirect sunlight (no need to set it in front of a window), don’t let it sit in water, re-pot every two years, and it’ll be as happy as your loved one will be when they receive it. For styling, Heartleaf Philodendrons specifically grow well in hanging baskets or draped over the edge of a shelf.

Red-pink anthurium blooms on glossy green leaf plant

More Plant-Related Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you want to gift a different plant (or indulge in a few), you have quite a lovely selection to choose from: Hoyas also feature heart-shaped leaves, Anthuriums provide a touch of pink or red depending on the variety, and String of Hearts plants also make an obvious Valentine’s-themed option. Hoya plants do best in indirect light and, as a succulent, don’t require much watering. To get the best blooms out of your Anthurium, make sure it gets bright, indirect sun and water whenever the soil feels dry. For your String of Hearts, provide plenty of sunlight—ideally via a south-facing window. It’s a very drought-tolerant plant, so you can let the soil dry out between watering sessions.

You can shop the Sill’s Valentine’s Day collection on their website now, which includes a plethora of flowering plants, handcrafted dried bouquets, and DIY floral kits. They’re also offering a special Hoya Heart Duo bundle for $68, half off the original price. Make sure to place your order by February 7 to guarantee that it’s delivered by the holiday.

Whether you decide to go with the I Dig You kit or another plant, you’ll be giving a gift that will last for years to come (and much longer than a bouquet)—once again, much like your relationship. Chocolates are probably still appreciated, too.

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