How to Store a Garden Hose: 9 Easy Solutions

Make everyday yard tasks effortless by smartly storing your garden hose.

Avid gardeners know the hassle of lugging around a hose on a daily basis. Without a convenient system for rolling out a hose and putting it away after a thorough watering session, it can be a strain on your back, arms, or hands. Even if you’re not spraying down plants or produce regularly, you likely still need to access the water source for other activities. Washing cars, cleaning out coolers, and filling an above-ground pool all require a garden hose. Luckily, this list of easy ways to store a garden hose can help you keep this outdoor essential tidy and within reach.

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What to Consider When Choosing Garden Hose Storage

Before settling on a storage solution, consider the type of hose and the space you have. Lightweight hose styles, such as expandable hoses, aren’t as difficult to haul around so the options to store them aren't as limited. If you have blank wall space near or within reach of a water source connection, many hoses can be mounted to clear up foot traffic. But if wall space is lacking, you’ll have to consider alternative methods. A spot to keep hoses during the winter is also crucial so they stay in prime condition for the following season.

The following methods for storing garden hoses will help you create a customized approach to outdoor organization.

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1. Use a Wall-Mount Hose Organizer

Mounting a hose to a wall is a simple storage solution, especially for lightweight hoses. Depending on the type of siding you’re working with, installation should be fairly easy. Most hose wall-mounts are minimalistic in appearance and are equipped with an arch that’s wide enough to prevent bends in the hose over time. Retractable or pivoting wall mounts conceal the clutter of a coiled hose and make it convenient for reaching far corners of the yard without a lot of effort.

Another garden hose storage idea is a wall-mounted hose wheel that includes a basket or shelf. This allows you to store additional parts, such as hose nozzles, in one place.

2. Add a Hose Reel

Heavier hoses do best in a reel that you can cart around the yard. These come with a handle that you can crank to release the right amount of hose length you need for the task at hand. While many styles are exposed, there are also enclosed hose reels that look like a box and keep garden hoses protected from the elements. Otherwise, park a hose reel under an overhang or in the shed when not in use.

3. Box It Up

A storage box doesn’t move with you as you water the lawn, but it does blend in nicely with patio furniture. If you need it to reach far corners, look for a hose box that holds a longer garden hose, then crank the handle as you would with a reel. This method keeps the hose covered and barely noticeable when you’re hosting an outdoor party.

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4. Put It in a Pot

A hose pot is a no-fuss storage solution to hold, and hide, a garden hose. Small holes are both decorative and work to drain excess water out of the pot. This hose storage solution is rust-resistant and features an entryway for the hose to hook up to its connection.

Or repurpose any large pot, bucket, or planter. A galvanized tub helps store a garden hose away in the garage or shed to prevent it from rusting. Since you’ll have to manually move your chosen container, stick to lighter hoses for this storage method.

5. Hide the Hose in a Bench

Need seating and storage? Consider an outdoor bench or a deck box that doubles as a place to sit and somewhere to store a hose. Drill a small opening in the back to feed the hose through then loop it neatly within the bench. Guests will be none the wiser when they’re hanging out in your backyard.

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6. Use a Hose-Holder Stake

A freestanding stake lets you keep a hose wherever it’s most convenient. This storage option is usually inexpensive and requires little effort to install. Like a standard wall mount, you’ll have to coil the hose yourself after each use.

7. Find a Fun Storage Solution

Looking for something unique that makes chores a little more entertaining? Instead of a plain storage box, search for a garden-theme hose holder. An oversized frog or turtle that conceals a coiled hose can sit right in the grass and spark some joy each time you go to water plants.

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8. Make DIY Hose Storage

If you enjoy getting crafty or upcycling items around the house, consider creating your own DIY hose storage. An old tire rim, a utility bucket, or a short post can all keep a hose organized in a pinch. Have a coiled garden hose? Stick a piece of PVC pipe in the ground near the connection and wind it around, then secure the nozzle in the opening.

9. Tuck It into a Storage Tote

For colder months when the hose is not in use, you’ll need a spot to store it temporarily. You can always install a wall-mounted rack inside the garage or the shed for winter storage. But if you’re short on wall space, a clear bin with a latched lid will work just fine. Be sure that the hose is completely dry and wrapped tidily, avoiding any kinks, before tucking it away. Place it on a shelf with a label so you can find it swiftly on the first warm spring day.

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